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    Import JDF Spot Colors XMF

    Thanks, by adding the mark spot colour to the every "artwork" pdf makes the the spot colour show up in xmf once the pdf has been added, which in turn recognizes the trim lines. Thanks again that's what I wanted.
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    Import JDF Spot Colors XMF

    RTFM??? Thanks for the response michaelejahn, sounds like you have delved a bit deeper into this sort of thing. Yes I have my doubts about jdf as well, but I'm sure there will be a way to make this happen, as the auto mapping spot colours work fine with our colour bar. Hopefully Fuji will have...
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    Import JDF Spot Colors XMF

    I am trying to import spot colours from metrix jdf into XMF through a drop folder template. This is purely for the trim lines that Metrix adds at the export stage. When exported, the pdf flat that contains the trim lines that is associated with the jdf file still has the spot colours present...

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