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    Pitstop Preflight Profiles

    Learning about the best way to use this software. Does anyone have a good baseline digital preflight profile .ppp file they would be willing to share? I know that the default CMYK profile works. But wondering if you all have tweeked yours? Thank you! BTW, have a older version, I know the new...
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    Servicing used production equipment...?

    Thnking about my next equipment update. (Not doing anything now, just thinking out loud) I can but a lightly used heavy duty production machine for 1/3rd the price of new. But, I don't think Ricoh would service the machine. Where would one get service on a machine like this...
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    New Riso GD 9630

    We are all digital shop with Ricoh gear and a Colordyne(memjet) inkjet printer for our envelopes and some letterhead. I'm working on an an acquisition that still has a decent amount of offset work. 1&2 Color. This new printer looks interesting. Its CYMK and grey, according the marketing...
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    Data source that can overlay satalite imagary?

    Like the title says, I'm working on a project that will end up using variable data(digital print) and I'm trying to find a source for some pretty special data. I need to use satillte imagery to look for houses with trees near them, then get only those addresses, any ideas?
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    Delphax Elan - Inkjet Cut Sheet Press

    The first press using memjet as a production machine? Discuss
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    PrintShop Mail and Direct Smile - Set sharing?

    Any interest in creating a sharing site to host and share sets? I've got a few that we've done internaly.
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    EFI Color Profiler setup

    I have a version of color profiler that I am trying to get running. When I go to print my measurement page I get a response that file cannot be found. From what I gather the software is looking for efiprof.csv file to generate the test charts. Acrobat is launching but is comeing up with file...
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    Printshop Mail Crop Marks

    Are TINY!!! Any idea on how to increase the stroke and size?
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    Digital Booklets - Inline or Offline

    We do a decent amount of color Booklets. 3-10k per month and that number is increasing. Mostly 8.5x11 finished, sometimes with full bleed. If you were buying a new machine today. And weighing inline vs offline finishing, which would you choose? We are 95% digital, so I "think" we need a...
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    Duplicate post

    Oops. mobile phone post
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    Xerox 770

    does anyone have 1 yet? specs look pretty good. looking at buying another machine that is comparable to our km 8000.
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    Konica C8000 review and Please HELP!!!!

    Update AGAIN. Let me state that this has been a roller coaster. Obviously we've had our issues. Today I can say that we are happy again with Konica and our c8000. Follow this link for my most recent update. Ok, so I've avoided posting about our machine till it was fully "broke in" and we...
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    Cheap Envelope Feeder for Okidata

    Ok, trying to do this on a shoestring budget. I have an astro envelope inserter like this for our AB Dick Press 3246 ASTRO Envelope Feeder - YouTube Its got an optical sensor on the end that triggers the next envelope. I think with a little fab work to the input of the oki and the end of the...
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    Ripit Speed Setter 300L

    We are selling our CTP machine. In the last few years we have printed less and less offset and are moving to 100% digital. This machine was about 26,000.00 new. This machine was manufacted in My of 06. We purchased it in September of 06. Model is a 300L Serial Number is 201-8018 We...
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    Rena Mach5 to replace my offset press?

    I've searched and there have been a few threads that mention it but it seems no one has had there hands on it yet. It seems this unit with its inkjet technology might be the game changer that digital printers have been waiting on. Quick background, (and I'm sure this is a similar story to alot...