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    Calculating printing up per sheet

    Hi All I am making one estimator system. under which i want to auto calculate 1. printing product size 2. select paper wheather big or small sheet 3. print machine minimum and maximum size can any one help me how to calculate how many printing product can print in one sheet. base on long and...
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    Ink Calculation Formula

    Hi All, I am try to insert one formula in system to calculate INK for particular to required but I to cal on basis of 1.Printed Area (in inch) 2.Total Impression / sheets 3.substrate --> 1. Coated , 2. Uncoated 4.Print Type -->1.Solid , 2. Half-tone in this formula printed area and total...
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    Hi all

    I am designing system I which I find problem to calculate estimate ink usage depend to total printing sheet qty, area cover etc. Can any one help me to get formula how to calculate ink usage:mad: