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    Quark 8 converting language

    I have an older version of Quark (Quark 8) and it shows the ability to convert text from one language to another language (English to Spanish) but I cant get it to work. Any ideas, or what i might be doing wrong? Thanks for any help on this! -Sev
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    Retired now

    After 45 years in prepress, I am now officially retired due to health issues. It has been a fun ride all of these years, and watching how prepress has changed so much, when I was first a platemaker at age 17. Being involved with PrintPlanet has been a high point in my prepress days, and I will...
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    Re-installing Quark 6.5 and valadation code

    I need to re-install Quark 6.5 on a different Mac and I have found the install disk and serial number. but I cant find the Validation code. If I recall, there is a keyboard command to show the validation code, but I dont recall the command. I realize this goes back quite a few years, but does...
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    Imposition Proofing (offset)

    We are looking at new options for imposition proofing. Currently we are using an older Epson 7600 connected directly to our Nexus workflow. The sales people are not happy with the quality of the proofs, and want to use (share) our high end contract proofing system (Epson 7890 with the Kodak...
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    Prinergy Evo will not start

    When I go start our Prinergy Evo server, the screen says: "Prinergy Evo is starting". Then it just hangs there, and does not go beyond that point. Usually it will say how many server processes are running (30 of 30). At one point it finally said: Prinergy Evo is running. However no clients can...
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    Epson 7890 prints black far too dark using Kodak Matchprint proofing system

    We use the Kodak Matchprint proofing system with our Epson 7890 inkjet. The black is printing using all colors, and is much too dark. On a recent job there was a block that had a 60 percent black tint. On the proof it came out looking like solid black. We has to assure the client that the job...
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    Kodak Matchprint proofing paper

    We have the Kodak Matchprint Inkjet Proofing System, which uses Kodak semi-matte proofing paper, Kodak part number SM240P. Since we can no longer use Xpedx as our Kodak dealer, we had to switch to a different supplier. That supplier is telling us that Kodak no longer makes or sells it's...
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    Epson 7600 paper feeding problem

    We used to do all of our imposition/content proofing on a Agfa Sherpa inkjet proofer, but finally the print head has died. Now we are using our old Epson 7600 printer for imposition/content proofing (we used to use it for contract color proofing). The problem we are having is that we have to...
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    Imposition proofing paper

    We have an AgfaJet Sherpa 2 inkjet proofer that we use for our imposition proofs. This is not for color contract proofs since the quality is quite low. It is just to show the final imposed proof, folded and cut. Currently we are using Accent Opaque paper for our imposition proofs. The quality is...
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    VDP software: What is out there, and what are recommendations?

    We have been doing more and more VDP, using either InDesign's merge script, or doing the merging in MS Word. Both are slow and bring the machines down to a crawl at times. We print on a Xerox 700 digital color press with a Fiery RIP with Command WorkStation 5 for our color work, and print on a...
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    Nexus printing to Epson 7600

    We have an older version of Nexus (version 8.4) At this point we are not in a position to upgrade to a newer version, since it will require a new server and OS. What I am trying to do is setup a workflow in Nexus that will print jobs to our old Epson 7600. We would like to replace our Agfa...
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    Printing to Nexus from Snow Leopard

    We just installed 2 new Macs with Snow Leopard 10.6.8. Slowly things are starting to work, but when we print to Nexus from InDesign CS 5.5, each separation shows up as a page in Nexus. This is using our raster workflow. When we print using our vector-to-raster workflow, the pages shows up...
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    Fonts and Snow Leopard 10.6.8

    We just installed 2 new Macs, running Snow Leopard. We updated to 10.6.8 without doing any testing on 10.6.4. We have now found that all of our job fonts are corrupt, and are zero K in size. We check the fonts on our job server, and they show up as zero K on the new Macs, but the same fonts on...
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    Nexus Edit dongle with Leopard and Snowleopard

    We are upgrading to new Macs with Snowleopard. I have found that my Nexus Edit/Insite dongle will not work with Leopard, or Snowleopard, but works fine on my G4 running 10.4.11. Also our other dongle for just Insite works fine on Leopard and Snowleopard. Any ideas on this, and the possible...
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    Agfa Palladio CtP - complete system

    We have for sale a complete Agfa violet CtP system which includes: Palladio violet platesetter. This includes one 50-plate cassette for plate autoloader, for a fully automatic operation, as well as a plate stacker for offloading. This system has been running in a dust-free, humidity controlled...
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    SymphonyCalibrator version

    Can anyone tell me what version is the latest for SymphonyCalibrator? I am using version 2, and I cant find information if there are newer versions available. Thanks in advance for any information on this :) -Sev
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    Drop shadow in Quark 8, can it be knocked out?

    We need a drop shadow created in Quark to knockout. I cant find a way to do it yet. Any ideas? Our RIP is Nexus 8.4, and I dont see a Knockout All option. Any ideas? -Sev
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    Epson 7900 vs Cannon 6350

    We are looking at new contract proofing systems. Currently we are running an Epson 7600 with a Kodak Matchprint color RIP, version 2.6, which is getting quite old. We have been looking at the Epson 7900 with either a EFI RIP, or Kodak's new proofing system, and looking at a Cannon 6350 with an...
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    Preps 6 and Nexus

    Will Preps 6 work with our Nexus workflow? We have a slightly older version of Nexus (8.4), and place the Nexus low-res Link EPS files into Preps (version 5) for imposition. My understanding is that Preps 6 will only accept PDF files. -Sev
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    Kodak Matchprint Color RIP

    We have an older Kodak Matchprint Color RIP, version 2.6. The proofer is an older Epson 7600. We wish to upgrade to a newer Epson proofer. Can anyone tell us what is the latest Epson we can upgrade to, using our same RIP. Any info on this is much appreciated! Regards, -Sev