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  1. chock

    MAN Roland 202 TOB stops suddenly while printing

    Hi sir: See if the main switch Q2A28, has relais thermic, and adjust the Pot a little higher in Amps, since this is most sensitive, can be a reaso for to Stop the machine while is running. 2) The electronic board with the Thyristor look for loose wires, dirty contact, or corroded contacts in...
  2. chock

    Any one can help with my Heidelberg?

    Hi sir: 1) please test the following steps: a) brushes of main motor, for worn, or dirty. b)brake , for mechanical issue, or electrical see if there are +48Vdc c)Temperatur , convert power part SLT. d) Motor ocan overload /eath-leakage monite, see if the F60 has tripped. e) Main phase absent f)...
  3. chock

    Help with -- Error Code 29 - for Polar 76 EM 1991

    Alex: I did reply you please fix it. See your email. Blessing Mobile+WhatsApp:+505 8861 1441
  4. chock

    Polar Mohr 76 EM error 69 and english manual

    Hi sir: I did reply you , see your email please Blessing Mobile+WhatsApp:+505 8861 1441
  5. chock


    Hi Sir Need: The exactly model, S/N, and version of software. Let me know Blessing Mobile+WhatsApp:+505 8861 1441
  6. chock

    Polar Mohr 76 EM error 69 and english manual

    Hi sir: Error 92: 1) Cause: After safety bolt is activated, the unlocked position is not acknowledged within 2 seconds Remedy: Check safety bolt for mechanical stiffness in its movement Check monitor switch S.SB and connections according to wiring diagram Blessing
  7. chock

    Heidelberg Qm 46 2 wiring diagram

    No, i have in Dr Watson+other resources from Heidelberg Directly. Let me know. Happy New Year Blessing Mobile+WhatsApp:+505 8861 1441
  8. chock

    Polar 76 SDP keyboard stop working after first cut.

    Hi sir: I have wiring diagram for Polar, and other tech documentation Blessing Mobile+WhatsApp:+505 8861 1441
  9. chock

    Heidelberg Qm 46 2 wiring diagram

    I have all schematic d, for Heidelberg. send me email or whatsApp. Blessing Mobile+WhatsApp:+505 8861 1441
  10. chock

    Ryobi 925 Console CPU Error

    Replace the complete CPU board, whoever you must test the: 1) Power supply of Cpu , Before to replace it 2) Test the clock for CPU, before to replace it, VERY IMPORTANT. Blessing Mobile+WhatsApp:+505 8861 1441
  11. chock

    Ryobi 925 Console CPU Error

    You can get from RYOBI, only or you know someone that has this software. Did you test my steps that i did recommend you?? I am attaching schematic how to Reset the Cpu. Blessing Mobile+WhatsApp:+505 8861 1441
  12. chock

    Ryobi 925 Console CPU Error

    Hi sir: Please Reset the Cpu: 1) make a bridge between a) RST pin vs b) Grnd. look in the Google for Pins schematic according with his CPU or MicroProcessor. 2) Test the power supply for his CPU or Microprocessor maybe +5Vd or +3.3Vdc depend of the generation of Processor. 3) Test the clock...
  13. chock

    RYOBI 3404 DI Initialization Errors

    Hi sir: Whats The problem exactly in order to help you Let me know. Blessing Mobile+WhatApp:+505 8861 1441
  14. chock

    Polar Mohr EMC 115 New Display

    Can you send me the tech documentation please? Shalom Mobile+WhatsApp:+505 8861 1441
  15. chock

    Kodak Magnus 400 - Motor fail

    You have short circuit in the area for the fuses,. Need to eliminate , or if there in the electronic board, are short circuit components. You have 2 options: 1) replace the completely board 2) or test if you are skill in electronic, to test the components electrics for to isolate and replace...
  16. chock

    Air leak on XL75 plate clamp

    Hi sir: ​​​​​​can detect air leaks by using: The incense stick method is usually the most effective way. Light an incense stick and keep it close to any areas where you suspect an air leak (look at the typical places for air leaks below). The smoke will be sucked in at the places where there...
  17. chock

    Kodak Magnus 400 - Motor fail

    Hi sir: Do the calibration. Blessing Mobile+WhatsApp:+505 8861 1441
  18. chock

    ECRM Mako 56 have a problem

    Sorry sir: Attached is there block for calibrationo for MACO 56, Hope you can fix it. However let me know, any question Blessing. Mobile+WhatsApp:+505 8861 1441
  19. chock

    GTOFP2-52 5 color counter issue

    Waiting sir. Let me know Blessing. Mobile+WhatsApp:+505 8861 144
  20. chock

    ECRM Mako 56 have a problem

    You must go to Enter or exit the menu sub-system by pressing MENU from the ONLINE or the OFFLINE state. Control Panel Keypad The platesetter provides a series of menus to set up various parameters. The control panel keypad is used to navigate through the menus and change parameters. Attached the...