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    HELP!! Printing 18pt C2S Tango on Ricoh 9210

    When printing job in duplex one side prints nice while the other goes to crap. If I just print one side that side prints crappy. I've played with the transfer voltage but haven't had any luck. Any help or recommendations appreciated. Thanks!!
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    Front to Back registration on Canon C7010 VP

    Having issues with my front to back registration drifting 1/16 to 1/8 while printing. It also seems to come and go and is not consistent. Secondary Transfer roller and also the gray roller just before the transfer roller along with both sensors have been changed and cleaned. Any help, advice or...
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    Canon C7010VP Color Calibration/Morning startup help

    Hello all, Was hoping to see what steps others are doing in their morning startup regarding color calibration. Right now we follow the steps we were told at the beginning of installation which was to check lens, grids and then do shading correction, run full Auto graduation, then print 34 patch...
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    PPML/VPS font issues

    Having font issues (not embedding) in our PPML or VPS files that we are writing from FusionPro. We installed a new Canon7010 with Fiery Rip running Command WS 5.4 and now my variable jobs coming from our Programming/Mail department have font issues. In the past we had a Kodak M700 (which was...
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    MGI Meteor DP8700 XL???????

    Hello, Anyone here have any 1st hand knowledge of the MGI Meteor DP8700 XL. My company is looking to replace our color digital press and is looking at the MGI. I'm looking to hear from users about the Pro's and Con's from a production standpoint and not the Sales guy just telling us how great it...
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    Need Help with Variable project

    hello all. Hoping someone cam help me. Doing a variable coupon booklet using Fusion Pro Direct and printing on a Kodak Nexpress M700. I have a cover page printed 1 sided, then 4 coupons with variable number in top left corner, all 1 sided and then the back cover which is printed so copy is on...

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