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    Xerox Versant 180- printing Extra Long (CEL) sheets

    We have a Xerox Versant 180 and are currently running a 12x26 sheet for a 6-pager, stock is uncoated cover 200 GSM (under the max 220 GSM), and the sheets are jamming every 5-10. Most of the jams occur in the fuser section, the other jams are in bypass tray when feeding (easy to clear). Any...
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    vastech processor manual

    Does anyone have the operation and maintenance manual for a Vastech 3-Bath Online 1020-014? I looked online and could not find much useful information about maintenance, chemicals, etc. Thanks in advance for your help.
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    Hydraulic Cutter advice- Baum/Polar or Challenge?

    We are currently looking at a small hydraulic cutter for our print shop, and wanted some opinions. First our shop equipment and cutting needs. We run both small offset presses (AB Dick QP25 and 9985) and digital eqipment (Xerox Versant 180 and Ricoh 8100). The majority of our sheets are...
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    small press repair near Erie PA

    We have a couple of AB Dick presses that need repair help, a 9985 and a QP25, and we are located in Erie PA. Looking for contact information for repair people from Cleveland, Pittsburgh or Buffalo or anywhere in between. Thanks in advance for your help.
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    AB Dick QP25- "Emergency SW Trouble"

    Our AB Dick QP25 stops dead of it's own accord quite frequently with the control panel display reading 'Emergency Sw Trouble'... Anyone else had this problem? We have tried to take off the safety guard covers to see if something was tripped, no luck. Anyone else have this problem or a...
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    Best solvent wide format printer

    We are an offset printer that has been vending our poster/banner requests for the last 3 years. Due to quality, pricing and turn around issues it is time to get into this market. The majority of our requests (80-85%) are for 18x24/24x36 and 36x48 poster that print, print and mount to foam core...
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    Rollem Auto 4- looking for pros and cons

    We are small shop that does digital and offset, and we are looking for a numbering machine to replace our SNS 4000. The SNS has had issues for the last 3 years and every time we call the manufacturer they say it is a board issue and try to charge us 300-400. Currently runs if it is left on...
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    press lubricant for AB dick 9985/ryobi 3302

    We just purchased a used AB Dick 9985 and need to purchase the proper lubricants/oils. It was suggested that we use Hurst Press Lubricant SAE 30, product #503. This does not match up to the lubricant choices in the manual. Any suggestions on type or vendor? Thanks.
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    color label printer

    We are looking for a small footprint/price tag color label roll printer. The only two that I have seen are the Primera LX900 and the VIVO touch. The labels are the for the Wine industry and the Food industry. Any thoughts?
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    material and parts for baby pack 3246-N

    We just purchased a used shrink-wrap machine, a Baby Pack 3246-N. We are trying to find parts and get a recommendation on shrink wrap for this machine. Any thoughts?
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    Seeded paper- which one?

    We received a request from a customer to print a card (either on our Xerox 700 or on our AB Dick press) on seeded paper. There seem to be several venders on the web: customearthpromos, botanical paper works, flowerseedpaper, etc.. Has anyone had any luck with this type of paper? Thanks.
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    Air Purification systems?

    We run a small offset and digital shop in Pennsylvania (1500 sq. ft.) and I am curious about the best Air Purification system/solution on the market. Just trying to eliminate the chemicals in the air for the obvious health AND smell reasons. The only option I see in the magazines is from...
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    Help Calibrating a DPM 2340

    I am looking for help in calibrating our DPM 2340- our press is an AB Dick QP 25 with a T-head. Our calibration settings were wiped out and went back to the default settings. Presstek wants about $1000 to do the calibration with a densitometer. Any thoughts?
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    Buying a used Printmaster QM 46-2

    We are in the process of finding a used Printmaster QM 46-2 to replace our AB Dick QP 25. The used ones that I have found range from 2001-2005. Is there anything I need to watch out for about this press? And are there any tips for registration without the register board? One of the benefits...
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    3302 vs. QM vs. PM

    We currently have a ABDick QP25 with a T-head but are looking to upgrade our press. Our poly plates are made on a DPM 2340- FYI. There are three main options that we are interested in to date, but we are open to suggestions. option #1- Ryobi/AbDick 3302 / option #2- QuickMaster/ option #3-...
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    Which Printing association should I join?

    I just purchased a small printing company three months ago and we are looking to join a printing association. So which one? We have the following equipment: DPM 2340/AB Dick 1-color with a T-head/mix of scoring, stitching, folding, and misc. bindery/Canon IR 7095/Xerox 700 I assumed that the...
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    DPM 2340- scratches on the plates- cannot find the source!

    We have a DPM 2340 and are having issues with scratches on our plates. The DPM has been torn apart several times in the last 3 months but there are still a few scratches that will not go away. We have been able to eliminate all but 2 scatches, but we are against the wall. The scratches are...
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    Xerox contract- maintenance increase

    I am getting ready to sign a contract for a Xerox 700. Some friends have recommended a 30 day trial as part of the agreement to make sure the machine does what they say. My xerox rep has said it is covered in the total satisfaction guarantee + it would push the sale to next year. I believe...
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    Xerox 700 vs. KM 6501 vs. USED 6500

    We just purchased a quick printing company 2 months ago and the first major change is upgrading our CPP 500 I am looking for a bit of digital color advice, here are the three machine choices: NEW Xerox 700- internal rip or external Firery/Creo- base machine, no extras NEW KM 6501- same choices...

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