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    Profile Anatomy – why A2Bn & B2An ?

    Following on from a previous post, for an input profile why are the B2A tables required, and for an output profile why are the A2B tables required? eg: The A2B tables in printer profile would be used soft proofing but why not just use the inverse of the B2A tables to map the printer gamut back...
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    Soft proofing - Are all bets off?

    So, our workflow goes something like this: 1) Edit client's file in RGB workspace in Photoshop with soft proofing on and set to simulate output device. 2) Convert a copy of the edited file to output device's profile, selecting the rendering intent that gives best conversion. 3) Import the...
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    Photoshop Custom Ink Values don’t match readings in document

    Custom Lab ink values are entered into Photoshop’s custom cmyk set up, these are then saved along with the other relevant settings as a custom profile. On using this profile either as the working space or by converting a document to it and then adding 100% of either C, M, Y or K the resulting...
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    Standard Observers – L* Compensation

    Is an L* compensation gamma applied to files before they are displayed on a monitor? Our brains, assuming we are all standard observers, effectively apply an L* profile to the light entering our eyes. So if you profile a monitor with linear gamma (native gamma) and send a file to the monitor...
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    Matching D55 to D65

    Hi I work with two monitors, only one is calibrated to D55 as this more closely matches the finished textile product we are printing. On the non calibrated monitor (using a generic profile at D65) an image will look a lot brighter and if a layout is emailed to a client for their approval this...
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    Ink Limit

    Hi. What is the exact definition of an ink limit and what is the best way to determine what these are for each press. Will they be different for C, M, Y, and K and different again for each spot ink used? Thanks.

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