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    dxf to cff2

    looking for help how to convert existing dxf format to cff2. can't source in google how to save to cff2. thanks
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    gangprint LSD for flexo

    is it standard to do gangprint, different sku and artworks of similar materials be printed one time in a flexo process? this is for submission to customer as color reference for mass production? thanks
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    CI print sequence

    commissioning our CI press, and will use cmykogv. any suggestion on printing sequence... we have units and will use the cmykogv printing process, will it be possible to do KCMY-ogv as print sequence for reverse printing. thanks
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    looking for inksave software for supplied PDF file for offset printing

    please help on latest and economical ink saving software. commercial offset printing receiving pdf and AI files. need to lower ink coverage and total area coverage. thanks
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    impression per hour

    hi guys this happy new year. trying toset quota for our daily printing and would like to know if anybody has a chart or recommended run per hour if we are using different grammage? example, 250 gsm is supposed to have how many impressions per hour compared to a 380 gsm substrate using same cmyk...
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    flexo plate cutter

    looking for a plotter that can do both sample making and phot0polymer plate cutting in v-shape angle (v-cut). also, looking for advise how to print in flexo continuous artwork like a roto-gravure printing. we expect gaps brought about by the end edge of the rubber plate and looking for...
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    conditioning room (curing)

    we provided an enclose room to condition corrugated and laminated board to control moisture content and establish consistent data for our postpress finish. my question is what is the appropriate room temperature to cure our materials? will best appreciate suggestions to establish our process. thanks
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    cxf values

    my customer provided us cxf data for our color reference. how can i measure my spotcolors to produce cxf values using i1 pro or exact advance. hope experts of this color data shares thoughts about cxf and how to create such data. thanks
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    ink software

    can you guys lead me to a previous post here where i can avail of an ink software to formulate a special color using my left-over inks? or are there new softwares being offered to do this so i can still make use of my left-over offset inks. thanks
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    anilox recommendation

    our flexo CI press arrives this 3rd quarter of the year. would like to get valuable inputs what anilox sizes and bcm i would be needing for printing light substrate paper and film. this is all waterbased flexo printing. hope to get response if i have 8 first options this anilox, what will be the...
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    inline inspection

    i have basic prepress applicartions that prepares artworks and files for printing. we plan to install an inline inspection to our presses. have research some manufacturers of these devices. my question is, how can i prepare information or data of my prepress layout that can easily be read by...
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    recommended anilox for paper and film

    hope to get advised what best anilox combination to acquire for paper and film flexo printing. thanks
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    ink kitchen

    my company is planning to invest on an ink kitchen for both flexo and offset. please send me details of potential suppliers and brands so we can coordinate inquiry. thanks btw. i am based here in philippines... thanks
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    anilox/sleeves supplier

    looking for supplier for anilox and sleeves for a bobst 20seven... plant is in southeast asia... thanks
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    hi all, can you recommend an affordable but accurate spectro unit that can measure simple lab and density value. plan to purchase immediately about 3 to 4 units. thanks
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    thermal plate

    looking for flexo plate supplier... i have a cdi-spark with evo-eclf and a 2000TD... any flexo plate that can work with this platemaking? thanks for info.. best
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    flexo accessories and consummables

    we will start operating our flexo development by 3rd quarter of this year and we are now building our requirements. hope I can get suggestions and recommendations for a smooth flexo printing process... 2 bobst 20seven 10 colors fyr. thnx
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    prepress and platemaking for flexo

    good day! will start qualifying flexo prepress and platemaking solutions, need help what are points to look and consider and if possible what the top brands that I need to study and google. timetable is june or july installation.
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    flexo imaging solution

    good day! will start qualifying flexo prepress and platemaking solutions, need help what are points to look and consider and if possible what the top brands that I need to study and google. timetable is june or july installation. thanks
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    printing certification

    is it still relevant to get a printing certification that you are compliant of a printing standard? if yes, what are the certifying body that can enhance the prestige of a printing company? thanks....

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