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    Help-- Need comments extracted to print.

    Hi All I have a pdf that I need to print for a school. they have the teachers addition with the answers in comments. I can print them straight out of Acrobat but when I try the print- save as PDF it tells me I cannot do it. And I have tried saving out EPS PS and nothing. As I am searching does...
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    Fiery XF 6.2.x (4900 G7 Proofer) issue with long files not passing

    Hello I am getting an a verification fail recently on jobs that seem to be over 24 inches long. When I crop the file down it passes. back to full length it fails again. Same file in the RIP que. I have attached the verification fail that was cut off of a 30 inch piece. In the same image there is...
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    Enfocus SWITCH and Fuji XMF - to intergrate or not

    Hello all --info-- We have recently merged another smaller company. we have about 30 employees the other company was 7 (inclucding 2 owners). Long story short it has been 5 months and there has been no clear direction on which workflow to use. As it stand right now I have put band aides on...
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    has anyone used Enfocus online proofing.

    I am looking into online proofing systems and wondering if anyone has feedback on enfocus online proofing
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    New KM-1 Press and hot foil problem

    Hello we just tried to foil over a printed sheet off our new KM-1. we are having issues with the foil sticking. I was told several foils where tried. The coverage is pretty good where the foil is not sticking. It is a forest and has a lot of ink. Anyone have suggesttions?
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    To curve color bar or not

    what do people say. To put the curve (target profile) on the color bar or to leave it linear...Whacha think?
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    Pitstop Help hotfolder?

    Hello Has anyone generated a script for PITSTOP to use a specific preflight action? to clarify a bit I am using XMF which allow you to put in a PPP file (preflight) and get a report. Problem is first and foremost it is all done in mm and you cannot change that. Also it does not work...
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    do you have the same issue-Sales does not understand PDF workflow.

    Hello I am trying to find way for our sales to understand receiving a good print ready PDF (we are on a pdf workflow duh) is less problematic and quicker then getting native files. I could go on about this but does anyone have suggestions on how to show sales why for most of our jobs a print...
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    Printing length issues ongoing with Seiko 64M

    Hello we have had issues with printing length- the seiko we cannot get to hold a length. So 6 foot print could commit 6 foot 5.75 feel or 6.25 feet. I know there are several variables to this. I am looking on a direction to have more consistency. I can expand if needed.
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    EFI Fiery XF verifier - would like to create a CSV to import

    hello I had a template that I have lost that I could create a CSV to import for Verifier. Anyone know what fields and or labels it is looking for basically how to format so it imports.
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    Simple question about thrive cut marks

    why do thrive cut marks come to a point. Only thing I can figure is that it maybe easier to hand trim to a point.
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    HELP need to "trap" a file after converting all to a black (add a stroke)

    Hello let me explain quickly what the issue is first. We purchased a new Gandy flatbed DOMIN8TOR and is has a white color. Gandy's front end needs to have a second file specifcally for the white channel. Top it off the white undercolor needs to be choked a tad because we have to do at least 2...
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    Command Workstation setting for iGen4 and versant 2100

    Hello all Winder what kind of settings are your "base" for the iGen. We have had techs in here for a couple of weeks and have some things figured out now after going up to level 2 support. :) I am looking to try and create reasonable settings for both the iGen and Versant so we can print most...
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    Flight Check folder script

    Anyone out there have an anything to help me automate FLightcheck. I have used automation in to script a file open when dropped into a folder but I cannot seem to get it to print automatically, if I run the Print script in the automation its fine. Yes I am new to scripting and autmoation
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    OSX Sierra upgrade Compatability

    Hello I am looking to see if anyone has upgraded their OS to sierra yet. We use CC, Metrix, Command Workstation, Fuji XMF, Enfocus Pit Stop on OSX rigs.
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    Exporting dielines

    I just cannot get this to work no matter which way I attack it. The PDF export will not only keep the dieline and eliminate everything else. All I can do is export all and manually delete all but dieline I am sending. Anyone have a idea?
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    Press Problem not matching G7 Proofs

    Hello the last few weeks the presses ( we have 2 KOM lithrone 28s 5 color) are having problems matching out G7 proofs. Beginning of the year we had each press curved and are using the correct curves. I checked the plates and the 21Step is fine. The blue and red are causing the most problems the...
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    Creating custom it8

    okay how do you create custom it8 files... curiosity mainly
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    XMF ganging and Digital printing

    Hi all We are wondering how XMF supports ganging multiple jobs to output to either a digital or offset press
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    EFI Color Verifier

    Hi All I am trying to use my DTP70 with color verifier. I am running into some issues- First I can control the DTP70 on my mac BUT I cannot load the reference chart on the PC it loads but the swatches look incorrect. I downloaded the P2P25X_2009.txt file from idealiance. On my PC I can get...

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