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    Agfa Rapiline 66 Instruction Manual required

    Trying to help revive an old film processor. I do hope someone still has a user/service manual. I guess manuals for other models of the Rapiline/Luth line of film processors will be useful as well. TIA
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    Brisque Express - how is it hardware restricted?

    I started by asking my very experienced Kodak Field Engineer but he can't remember, so before starting my Trial and Error experimentation, I'll try a long-shot: Our Brisque ver.5 computer (nicknamed "Brisque Express" in its' time of glory - mid/end of the 1990's) is down, displaying errors...
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    Lotem 800 Diodes - E-boxes swap

    Good day Lotem experts. My situation requires that I replace the E-Box of my old Lotem 800V2 (48 diodes) with the E-Box of from a similar Lotem that has a higher s/w version (3.2). Since the replacement is a little different (New E-Box), I need an advice if this is going to be a straightforward...
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    Security - banknotes glossary

    I found this amazing site: ps. I tried to edit the title to "Illustrated Glossaries", but can't. It is probably not allowed, not even to the OP. Sorry.
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    Lotem 800V Errors

    Hi guys, We have a Lotem 800V, 48 diodes, app ver. 3.20.01 Following startup, the machine arrives at READY state. After a while we get "ATTENTION" errors: "Left Tec Card doesn't respond (Opcode 23)." "The operation "Put" on left Tec Card failed." If we try to perform Laser Diode Calibration or...
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    7mil film on Dolev800V2

    Currently we run the regular (4mil thickness=0.1mm) film very reliably. We may need to image thicker 7mil (0.18mm) film for its' better dimensional stability. The machine specifications allow for this, but I would really like to know if anyone has actually done/doing this. Should we expect...
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    Need to restore old RMX optical storage disks

    This is old-timers' issue: I need to retrieve files from some 15 years old MO disks written by a Whisper. These were (most likely) written in RMS format. We don't have access to a Whisper, a Scitex I/O or the Natfx option (which was an option we didn't buy for Brisque ver. 4). So, I am looking...
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    Lotem 800V2 Drum Driver replacement

    Hi everyone, We experience intermittent drum speed problems with our Lotem 800V2. I understand this is probably Drum Driver related. The particular card in our machine carries part number 503-00257C-B. We received a 2nd hand replacement board which carries a different number namely...

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