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  1. prepressdork

    VERTICAL Flip Book Maker?

    Hi all, I am looking for software (free is preferable) that will create a VERTICAL page flip animation of a PDF (like a 12 month wall calendar). So far, everything I have found can only do horizontal page flipping. Any help is appreciated! TIA, pd :-)
  2. prepressdork

    Heidelberg Speedmaster and Stahlfolder communication protocol

    What sorts of data are you looking to extract?
  3. prepressdork

    GMG, ORIS, EFI, ... what else?

    I am using Blackmagic from Serendipity Software. No complaints. pd
  4. prepressdork

    Poll: Switching to Affinity?

    I don't know a lot about Affinity. Is Affinity Publisher also a PDF native format?
  5. prepressdork

    Poll: Switching to Affinity?

    Gordo, my comment was based on my customers providing native files in lieu of PDF files.
  6. prepressdork

    Poll: Switching to Affinity?

    While I have no interest in switching from Adobe to Affinity, I will install Affinity apps if we start receiving Affinity files from our customers and try to incorporate them into our workflow. pd
  7. prepressdork

    Still Fighting Some Actions

    Hi Kaiser, Try this: Select All Select First Page Cut objects to clipboard Page 1 Split Action List Select Last Page Paste objects from clipboard Page 1 Select First Page Remove Page Does this work? pd
  8. prepressdork

    Signature plug in for Indesign?

    Hi Rande, You mentioned that you use Pitstop. Do you have the 2021 version? If so, Pitstop can do simple printer spread impositions complete with crop marks, color bar, etc.. In your Action List Editor window, type "Impo" in the search field at the top. Hope this helps, pd
  9. prepressdork

    Strike Ends at UPM Paper Mills in Finland

    I mentioned this news to some of my co-workers who order paper and they seemed to be quite happy about it. pd
  10. prepressdork

    Versioning in Prinect

    Hi Laik, Agfa's Apogee workflow has a pretty seasoned Versioning feature (plus a whole lot more). Best regards, pd
  11. prepressdork

    firmware of Agfa Avalon Screen 4300

    Hi Yoana, Your best bet would be to contact your local Agfa service center and request they install it. Best regards, pd
  12. prepressdork

    M1 Mac with Monterey

    I have one already (it has Big Sur on it though) and so far, Adobe-wise, things seem to be running well (we only use InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Acrobat). We typically don't design anything. We just take our customer's files and prep them for printing. Best regards, pd
  13. prepressdork

    M1 Mac with Monterey

    I probably could. The reason I would like to purchase is because the (Intel-based) iMac's I have now are all 7 years old. pd
  14. prepressdork

    M1 Mac with Monterey

    Hi Chris, I have heard that Apple has continued to improve their System Integrity Protection feature which as you said really locks things down. While I don't necessarily fault them for doing so, I wonder if this will complicate the process of cloning one Mac to another. In the past, I've...
  15. prepressdork

    M1 Mac with Monterey

    Hi DYP, No on the Studio. Will be purchasing iMac's. Best regards, pd
  16. prepressdork

    M1 Mac with Monterey

    Hi all, Has anyone installed an M1 Mac with Monterey in their prepress environment? If so, have you had any issues? I have one M1 Mac with Big Sur but I will be purchasing several new Mac's but I have no experience with Monterey. Any information would be appreciated! Thank you so much! pd :)
  17. prepressdork

    Heidleberg trendsetter

    Are the lines in a repeating pattern?
  18. prepressdork

    Native Document Preflight

    Ah ok. Unfortunately, I don't know of any preflight (or other) software that can warn if an image "looks" low-res even when the document resolution is 300. I've had to explain to my customers many times that increasing the resolution of a low-res photo will not improve the look of it.
  19. prepressdork

    Native Document Preflight

    FlightCheck is pretty much the defacto standard for what you're looking to do. Out of curiosity, why not use FlightCheck? pd
  20. prepressdork

    Indesign Question?

    Glad it got resolved! pd

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