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    Remote Color OK's

    I was wondering if anyone anywhere has tried to set some standards for remote color ok's? My employer is currently not allowing the customer to come into our building. In one case they took sheets out the customer waiting in a van in the plant parking lot. There are so many variables from the...
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    Looking for XL 105

    Looking for leads to purchase a used Heidelberg XL 105 press for a folding carton plant. Press must have at least 7 inking units and a coater. UV is optional. A perfector between the first and second print units is another option that my plant management would find highly desirable. We would...
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    WTB Heidelberg Memory Card for mid-90's CD102

    I'm looking to buy a job data memory card for a mid-90's Heidelberg CD 102. I'm not even sure if the card drive works on my press. It doesn't seem that my employer has any of these memory cards and I'd like to try one just to see if I could save job data for repeat jobs rather than setting...
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    Patching Blankets

    I was just wondering what comments I might get from the group on learning that some operators are using masking tape to patch coating blankets? I checked this stuff with a micrometer and it was nearly .006" thick and my past practice was to never use anything more than .003" and preferably .002"...
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    UV vs Conventional Printing

    I've been a folding carton guy my whole life. The plant where I worked never printed with UV and we rarely printed on anything exotic such as foil or poly-faced board. Recently there was a printer in my area with an opening, but they make gift cards on PVC with UV inks and coatings. Because...
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    How Many Impressions

    I was kind of curious what kind of mileage people are getting out of their presses these days. My old shop had two Heidelberg CD102's that were installed in the spring of 1993. At the time that production ended in our plant in June of 2009, both machines had over 600,000,000 impressions each. My...

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What about Profitability?
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