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  1. prepressdork

    VERTICAL Flip Book Maker?

    Hi all, I am looking for software (free is preferable) that will create a VERTICAL page flip animation of a PDF (like a 12 month wall calendar). So far, everything I have found can only do horizontal page flipping. Any help is appreciated! TIA, pd :-)
  2. prepressdork

    M1 Mac with Monterey

    Hi all, Has anyone installed an M1 Mac with Monterey in their prepress environment? If so, have you had any issues? I have one M1 Mac with Big Sur but I will be purchasing several new Mac's but I have no experience with Monterey. Any information would be appreciated! Thank you so much! pd :)
  3. prepressdork

    Any Switch Users?

    Hi all, I am a relatively new user to Switch. Currently, I am using it to help automate the PDF file prep and proofing processes in my digital department. I have the PDF Review module but no Configurator or Scripting modules...yet. I was wondering if you guys would be willing to share what you...
  4. prepressdork

    Running Windows on an M1 Mac?

    I don't know if it's even possible at this point, but I am wondering if anyone has had any success? TIA, pd
  5. prepressdork

    Adobe Ending Support For Type 1 Fonts...

    Hi all, I thought this was worth mentioning (forgive me if this has already been posted on here). Best regards, pd
  6. prepressdork

    Remote Prepress

    Hi all, With many companies having employees work from home, bossman asked me if from home if it should become necessary . I was wondering if anyone else on here has looked into this and/or gone down this route at all? If so, what sorts of hurdles did you encounter? How...
  7. prepressdork

    Service Agreement

    Hi all, I've been asked to put together a document that we would provide to new or potential customers that describes, among other things, our quality tolerances. Sort of a "our promise to you" in terms of quality and service. I would be most grateful if anyone would be willing to share theirs...
  8. prepressdork

    X-Rite Eye-One iSis Question

    Hi everyone, Can an X-Rite Eye-One iSis do an M0 single scan only? In i1Profiler, I only have measurement mode options for "M2 Single Scan" and "Dual Scan (M0, M2, and OBC)". Because I only need M0, it takes twice as long to scan everything. Thank you, pd
  9. prepressdork

    Adobe Color Settings?

    Hi all, Can you share which color settings you use in your Adobe software? Which profiles for RGB and CMYK? Do you preserve embedded profiles or convert to working space? Thank you, pd
  10. prepressdork

    Prepress vs Press Finger Pointing (Plate Remakes)

    Hi everyone, It's an ages old argument. When something goes wrong on press, is it a press or prepress issue? When it comes to plate remakes for things like spots/scratches/holes in a CTP world, it's sometimes not easy to know exactly where the problem occurred. Last week, I had to remake a...
  11. prepressdork

    When to Shingle?

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone can provide any guidelines they use for determining if a job should be shingled? Thanks, pd
  12. prepressdork

    PDF Workflow Question

    Recently, we printed a job where the customer only supplied a PDF file. We processed it, proofed it (which the customer approved), and printed it. The customer later called complaining that what we printed was not what she approved. Apparently some type was missing so we began troubleshooting...
  13. prepressdork

    Bulk FedEx Barcode Scanning

    Hi everyone, We ship boxes containing signage 3-4 times a week to about 1,000 stores for a retail customer. The boxes are usually 31 L x 20 W x 1 H and stack approximately 60 per skid. We use FedEX as our shipper and the FedEx label is placed on the flat top surface. When Fedex arrives to scan...
  14. prepressdork

    Two Sided Proofing

    Hi everyone, For those who are doing two-sided (dylux) proofing, how do you do it? Glue two sheets of paper together? ImpoProof / PreProof? SpinJet? Other method? Thanks, pd
  15. prepressdork

    SpinJet 6200

    Looking for a fully functional SpinJet duplexer that attaches to an HP DesignJet Z6200. Thank you, pd
  16. prepressdork

    Callout Plugin?

    Hi everyone, Within an InDesign file or PDF, I am looking for a plugin that would summarize page size, page count, and used colors and add the information right within the document (perhaps to a slug area)? In the past, I've seen plugins that also add callouts to objects on a page. The callout...
  17. prepressdork

    I have a favor to ask.

    Hi everyone, For many years, I and others had been asking Microsoft to add an email template feature to Microsoft Outlook for MAC and they finally did not too long after Office 2016 launched. Upon learning this feature was coming, I purchased several perpetual licenses. When the email template...
  18. prepressdork

    Mac AntiVirus Software

    Hi everyone, For those who have an AntiVirus product installed on their Mac(s), I am curious which AntiVirus product you use and why (meaning, why did you pick one product over another)? Thanks, pd
  19. prepressdork

    Anyone using Apogee InkSave?

    Is anyone using Apogee's InkSave feature? Any issues? Did it impact your proofing process at all? Thank you, pd
  20. prepressdork

    From Alwan to Agfa's Ink Save?

    Hi everyone, Has anyone switched from Alwan's Color Hub (CMYK Optimizer) to Agfa's InkSave (as part of Apogee)? If so, can you tell me your experiences good and/or bad? Thank you, pd

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