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    Pre-press technician

    Currently accepting resumes for Mac operators with strong Adobe Creative Cloud skills for busy Prinergy shop in Jacksonville,FL email:
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    Prinergy 6 system for sale

    Nice 2 rack server units with non expiring dongles for many licenses including Preps & RBA. Perfect for 3 to 7 million sale shop. Up and running, for info or login for test ride emai me at
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    Kodak Somora plate scratches

    I understand that these plates are more sensitive to handling scratches than most processed plates but.......... We are finding various size Plate material shavings being left behind in loading Magnus plate draws when we go to reload. Some of these end up embedded on exit rollers and appear to...
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    Techkon SpectroDens for sale

    Barely used SpectroDens. This instrument does it all if you take color seriously! $4K instrument selling for $1750 email
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    Prinergy 6 with RBA , Insite and more for sale

    2 rack server system set up for packaging business w/pandora license, but can be changed for commercial work w/preps license (included). All licences active on dongle. Insite server on vm and can be sold separately. System is running and online for log in inspection. Asking 15K for prinergy, 5K...
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    Mac operators! Start the New year working in sunny Orlando

    Sheetfed shop purchased by Sandy Alexander offers a growth opportunity! Day shift position created because of advancement. New prepress software training starts Mid-January. Open minded experienced operators send resume to
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    Looking for full time Day shift Mac operators Orlando, FL

    Please send resume to
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    Kodak Prinergy Connect system

    Kodak Priinergy Connect system....Shop Closure! I purchased this robust 3 year old system from bank. I ran prep dept and very familiar with it's capabilities. Shame to see it go to waste. Has insight, 2 terabyte storage per server, RBA, 4 preps licenses and much more. No reasonable offer...
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    Central Florida Press looking for Mac Operators

    Here is link to ad: or email resume to
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    No Bake Plate "Cyan Dot Loss"?

    We have recently changed to No Bake plates for sheetfed & Web presses. No problems with sheetfed, but webs need to stop and wipe down blanket & plate around 5,000 impressions because ink no longer picks up properly. This only happens on cyan units! My understanding is that this problem has been...
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    Versioning blk changes

    I am researching the best way to use common 3/c and version many black plates in pdf workflow. Several restrictions in place. We are using EVO and relise prinergy can do this but boss won't upgrade. Customers will not use layers in Indesign. PDF compare works on screen but need digital...
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    XP4 Free to good home

    XP4 4 up proofer has been in storage for 2-3years. Worked fine & was maintained under service contract. Located in Orlando, FL

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