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    Xerox Versant - Color shift from left to right side of print

    Hi, I have a problem with colors across the page. See attached scans of printed images. These sample images were printed on 12x18". Arrow show paper feed direction. The left side is more magenta, right side of the print is more green. I replaced developer powder (all colors) and same problem...
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    WTB: Fan for Ricoh C9200 needed

    Details below. Need it ASAP. If you know where I can buy it or have one for sale please let me know. I don't have a service contract with Ricoh. I send a request to open an account but no response. If you have a phone number to any person Ricoh service person in USA/Canada it also can help...
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    Need phone number to parts department of Ricoh USA (Need fix Ricoh C9200)

    I need to buy part (fan) for C9200 and need contact to Ricoh parts department. On website they have no phone numbers.
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    Calendar software (for generate custom calendar grids).

    Hi, I have a few churched interested to print calendars. But they need calendar grids with custom information inside. Is any software where I can share text file with my customer, he edits it and we use these file to generate calendar grid with information from this file? I find one like this in...
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    Perfect Binding glue recommendation please

    I used Perfect Binding glue (EVA) manufactured in China (no brand). Worked perfectly, but can't find it anymore. Then purchased Fastbind glue but is very difficult to work with it. The old glue which I used was very clean, the machine was very clean when I used it. With Fastbind glue, threads...
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    Ricoh C9200 toners and drums on Heidelberg Versafire EP Digital Press

    Hi, I'm in process of purchasing used Heidelberg Versafire EP Digital Press and I am not sure if I can use Ricoh C9200 toners and drums on it. I know they are the same machines (just branding and front-end different), but I am not sure if chips used in toners and drums are the same or different...
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    Plockmatic 350/500 ... and question about feeding option to have automatic offline booklet production

    Hi, I have Plockmatic 500 and I want add any collator or feeder to make an automatic offline booklet maker. Now we put each set of pages manually, but with 3000 booklets it is a hard job. And my question is: - can I use Plockmatic HCI3500 Interposer like sheet feeder? Is any option to set how...
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    Calendar Booklet with Remittance Envelope stitched at center

    Hi, we have several big orders per year for Calendar Booklet with Remittance Envelope stitched at center. And my question is ... what equipment (booklet maker/configuration) I need to do this job in house? I tried to find it online but I can't find anything about this specific product. Thanks...
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    Fiery EX2100 with Versant 180???

    Hi, I use Versant 180 with basic fiery (which has a lot of limitation). And my question is if is possible to connect EX2100 fiery to Varsant 180? I find few EX2100 on eBay and think to buy one and install EX180 software on it. But I am not sure if it will works. Please let me know if you know...
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    Paper Pricing

    Hi, I am owner of photo lab and from 2 years we do digital printing also. We use Versant 80 and Versnat 180 presses. And I have question about paper pricing. Most we use Blazer 12x18" 110lb Cover Coated ($87/1000) and Blazer 12x18 100lb Text Coated ($43/1000). And my question is how much you pay...
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    Duplo 645 Service Manual needed

    Hi, if you have Duplo 645 Service Manual please share with me. I bought used machine and from time to time we have paper jam (J2). THANKS A LOT! Zibi

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