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    Xante Enpress New Drum uses Fuse Blow to reset counters

    Hey, sorry for the late response. The way to get around it is -select classic printer view -hit "reset" - type in "806182" then hold down C -select "PM counter/ New unit set -select "Remaining days usage" - press yes under "new unit set" to the parts you want to clear - restart the machine...
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    Diamond Hard Velvet Matte™ D&K Soft Touch Issue

    I had a similar problem a few years ago but different machines etc. The only thing we could point to is the amount of cyan on the stock. We were applying a soft touch laminate. I use a UV coater for smaller runs, whenever I use soft touch on that I actually find it holding on to the stock...
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    Canon imagePROGRAF Pro-2000 Draining Ink

    I have a Pro-4000s, but I haven't had an issue with that exact problem. I do know that the machine needs to be on 24/7 (power button should always be glowing) so the print head doesn't dry out.
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    Xante Impressia

    Do you have the brand of envelope? My first guess is that they are not meant to be ran digitally
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    Xante Enpress New Drum uses Fuse Blow to reset counters

    I have the same machine. We don't pay for service on it, but we have a ricoh tech that said you can run those drums usually around double their "set life". I learned that after I hit 60k and replaced my black drum. I have ran about 20k over recommended on the color drums and it runs just fine.
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    UV coating and scoring

    I have found nothing but issues when trying to UV coat after creasing. I do a lot of newsletter covers and brochures on heavy stocks. After the sheet is printed, I coat it and then crease it. I usually do gloss, but have done a good bit of soft and matte. Just make sure on the soft and matte...
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    The joke was really funny, and not offensive to anyone who ACTUALLY sees women and men as equals.

    The joke was really funny, and not offensive to anyone who ACTUALLY sees women and men as equals.
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    New Xante Tabletop UV-Printers

    I have a Xante Enpress for small envelope orders. At most 2,000 at a time. It is great for small runs. There are some issues with it, the biggest one is you really have to know what you're doing in order for it to work without jamming or causing any other problems. Very tedious, but over all...
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    Discontinuing Blazer???

    I have had a lot of issues with the Blazer 100# gloss text recently. up until about a month ago that was 75% of the paper I ran. I have tried 4 different paper suppliers and I keep getting "dirty" sheets. Gray little dots all over the sheet, mics out to be less than the GSM advertised and...
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    Ricoh Pro C7210sx constant paper jams

    Could be... -tray rollers -static -If your paper has been stored in a different part of the building than the machine that could cause it to give you similar problems as well -paper setting* just because it says its 100# text doesn't necessarily mean it is that weight. I have a tool that tells...
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    Tec Lighting Inline Carbon Filter or Exhaust fan?

    I recently purchased a used TRUVF-21D, and I am new to the world of UV coating. I will only be coating at most 3,000 sheets at a time a couple of times a week, and the machine is located in a small warehouse. Has anyone had any luck using an inline carbon filter, or would I be better off...
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    What kind of paper cutter are you using?

    We have a duplo dc 615 that works great for business cards, postcards, etc... but I do a lot of digital paper cutting (4up books etc)
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    What kind of paper cutter are you using?

    maybe about 2,000 cuts in 1-2 months
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    What kind of paper cutter are you using?

    The company I work for is in need of a new cutter. We currently have a Formax Cut-true 27s and it has constantly given us problems. Can any one recommend a cutter they are using? We need for it to be able to cut 19x19
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    Duplo DFL-500 Coat/Foil/Laminator

    How much volume can this machine hold? What stocks seem to have problems with this machine? I heard there was a problem with the trimming, do you know anything about that?
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    Xante inks

    I got a Xante Enpress back in December. About a month ago I was in the middle of a job, and the black toner level went from 60%-0%. I called Xante, told them about the issue, and they said it is typical for the machine to this. I have ran maybe around 10,000 envelopes since the meter hit...

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