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    Creative Cloud Enabled Globally for Schools Impacted by Covid-19

    I just got an email from Enfocus for free temporary keys on Pitstop as well. I'd share the link, but it's a personalized link that autofills my email address.
  2. PrintIT

    Management Trumps

    At one time? You mean this isn't standard Management training everywhere?
  3. PrintIT

    Wall Street Journal “PRINT IS GREEN” Ad

    But name one thing on the planet that doesn't eventually become waste.
  4. PrintIT

    Content Awareness with Pitstop?

    I'm glad it's not just where I work. We have an issue with asking for due dates - Just take the job, and then worry about it once the customer asks where it is. That's our motto.
  5. PrintIT

    Lets play What Would You Charge Again?

    We prefer to call them FREEDOM INCHES. *An Eagle screams*
  6. PrintIT

    Digital Envelope printer Info

    We had an Oki 931. Hated it. I think 99% of the problem was the generic feeder they sold us with it. It jammed constantly with anything except regular #10's. Then after clearing every jam it would have a long warmup time to get started again. We'd get an order for 1000 window envelopes and...
  7. PrintIT

    Cannabis (aka wackee tabacee) is now legal across Canaduh

    You're giving a link to a for-profit rehab center. You might as well cite the fine documentary Reefer Madness as a source.
  8. PrintIT

    29" DI Press

    I worked in a shop that had a Karat that seemed to suffer from the same problem - They ran it for like 6 months, then wrapped it in plastic and spent the next 2 years trying to sell it. That's what the pressman that ran it said about it - It took forever to create the plates, and set up a job...
  9. PrintIT

    adhesives not sticking to our Xerox iGen 150 prints

    We have an iGen 5 that we run Fuser Fluid 2 in, but we keep a fuser ram assembly, and extra oil bottle with Fluid 1 ready to go. We just swap the ram & bottle when we need to run a laminating job. Our tech got us the extra assembly, and a few cases of Fluid 1. There's about 15-20 minutes of...
  10. PrintIT

    XEROX CP1000 Server Exiting crashing

    It's not a particular job is it? We usually drop our PDF's onto Command Workstation and for the most part that works fine. But I have one repeat business card job we do that crashes the RIP every time we print it if we drop the PDF on CW. We actually have to open the PDF and print it to the...
  11. PrintIT

    Magazine with 8000 unique covers

    You just haven't bought a car in a long time. Those electric windows have been around for a while now. ;)
  12. PrintIT

    Konica c3080 vs Ricoh 7200sl

    Dealing with copier sales IMO is as bad as used car salesmen. They all just bash the competition and promise their own machine will do magical things and then let service worry about it once the machine is dropped off. We had a Xerox rep for a while that was trying to get us to replace a KM...
  13. PrintIT

    CWS 6.4 is out and PROFILES ARE NOW SORTED.

    This is one super annoying bug that has always blown my mind that it wasn't fixed before now. Seems like it would be such an easy fix - Computers LOVE sorting stuff alpha-numerically.
  14. PrintIT

    AVDIAG Software

    Make a new thread instead of posting in another thread that has nothing to do with your topic.
  15. PrintIT

    New Job Title for Prepress/Wide Format/Digital Press operators

    My official title is: "Here's my godawful file, now hurry up and fix it, print it and make it look beautiful, because I need it for a meeting at 1:00 and then throw it in the trash after the meeting" technician. It can also just be shortened to "Print Shop Bitch" :p:p:p
  16. PrintIT

    i heard on the street today

    Yep, got an automated email from Neenah this morning. Then about 2 hours later got an automated email from one of our other suppliers saying "Hey, we still sell Neenah!" Not wasting any time snagging that market share. ;)
  17. PrintIT

    Any Landa press news?

    Pffft. Those fancy scribes. I've been doing cave paintings my whole life and here come these la-de-dah scribes with their oh so special written language. Cave paintings should be enough for anyone! ;)
  18. PrintIT

    Looking for a very simple web2print.. mostly just a form and shopping cart.

    Wow, Necromancer Amy Watson raising a 10 year old thread from the dead - Think OP even works for the same company anymore?
  19. PrintIT

    Iridesse Problems

    Colorpress 1000 user here (predecessor to the Iridesse). RE: The front to back auto alignment - Make sure that after you run the auto-profiler that the correct alignment profile is attached to the tray/paper. I've done that a few times where the test sheet looks great, but the actual prints...
  20. PrintIT

    Xerox 800/1000 yellow toner problems

    We've had two Colorpress 1000s go through New England winters with no humidification and never had any problems like that. We'd burn through cleaning units and BTB's much faster, but no quality issues like that. We added a humidification system this past year because we added an iGen, and that...

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