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    Customer file submission

    We also had a designer on staff that was let go that would constantly complain that he had to "dumb down" his designs for our equipment. It wasn't our equipment that was the issue, it's that he was a web designer, and didn't understand that his designs weren't possible to produce. It'd be like...
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    Customer file submission

    My boss loves this because we bill for the fixes. Prepress hates it because it's a bunch of awful work that never goes away because our boss would rather bill than educate. As for where these people are getting degrees; they aren't. They're self taught and laughably bad at it.
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    Man, that website looks like it was made by a kid in 1995, but $100 is an awesome deal considering most digital printers come bundled with an i1.
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    Fuel Surcharge...

    A $10 charge is certainly not actually covering their costs anyway. Gas here is $6/gallon, and I know my techs are driving 120 miles round trip since we're so far away from the service center.
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    Need some advice, newbie owner

    We're a mostly Canon shop so I can help with some of it. The 8000/10000 are the same machine, just speed licenses. The newer line is the 10010 and the 9010. Again, just speed licenses for the models, but there are some upgrades to the 8000/10000 engine. Mostly in-line calibration and some...
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    Need to reduce toner usage

    They likely think you're trying to sell the toner. we've had issues in the past trying to get extra toner for big runs. I contacted my sales guy about it and now they let me order 28 bottles at a time :LOL:.
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    It's a dying industry. I wouldn't tell a young person to enter this profession. The pay generally sucks for the knowledge and work, and the places that do pay well are awful to work for with cameras on you and terrible management.
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    Thin Print Substrates - Konica Minolta

    The spec sheets says 40–300 gsm, so I'd ask for it to be escalated to a specialist.
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    Strategies to grow in Post-Pandemic world.

    I'd like to see most of my sales staff get automated. Maybe then they'd write something up correctly.
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    Xerox v80/180 color tuning?

    Out of curiosity, is it recycled stock? I always have problems with good coverage on recycled paper, specifically Environment PC 100.
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    KM c1060: Can you identify this probem?

    My Imagepress 6010 used to do this. The machine had an adjustment for it, and I'd bet yours does to. On my machine it was called "trail edge white patch correction". I found this thread here with the same issue you have...
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    HP Scitex 700 Ink Replacement

    The instruction manual says this:
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    Any Updates - Canon Digital Cut Sheet Presses

    They have the larger lines like the 10010 and the 9010. Canon seems like they're pushing pretty hard into inkjet though. Our sales guy comes by fairly often with new samples from the Varioprint iX series.
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    Walk-in self serve printer from phone!

    Having worked at Kinko's, customers will be reluctant to use an app. We could barely get them to even press the start button without someone holding their hand.
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    PSL Jetletter and .pdf workflow

    We have a Canon Imagepress 10000 with the PrismaSync RIP. I usually just drop the PDF directly into a hotfolder since the RIP is pretty fast, but Jetletter can also export a PPML file to send to your RIP for really large stuff.
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    PSL Jetletter and .pdf workflow

    You can't do fixups in it. Think of your PDF as a shell layer and you're adding your VDP layers on top of it. You'll still need InDesign/Pitstop to fix and prep the files first, unless it's something basic, like adding an Indicia or generic text boxes Typically my design/prepress guys get the...
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    PSL Jetletter and .pdf workflow

    When I have some downtime I'll try to make a video with something generic so I don't expose a client's info. Do you have a specific thing you want it to do?
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    Versant 180 Envelope Color Nightmare

    There's a tech shortage in Canon as well. I think the pay is pretty mediocre, and the hours are awful. Our techs all started retiring and no one new is coming in to take their place. Also, you might want to get in touch with your service manager if your tech is so reluctant to change parts out.
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    Best envelope printer?

    Quite a bit. I think an NXT is about 12-15k, 1175 quotes around $60k+
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    PSL Jetletter and .pdf workflow

    Jetletter is basically designed for a PDF workflow. You just link your PDF, add a text box and then link the data. You can do advanced programming if you want, but a lot of it is simple and visual.

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