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  1. Helene

    Printer in Nigeria needs violet CTP plates and chemistry

    Hello all - A printer in Kaduna, Nigeria is considering purchase of a VM4 CTP, and needs a source for the violet CTP plates and chemistry. Anyone have a contact; ideas? Thank you!
  2. Helene

    EPG KeyColor ink control systems

    Hello all, If you have one or more KeyColor systems and haven't heard from EPG about an essential Windows update, please contact Joe Schulz at, or call him directly at 267-261-3003. Best regards, Helene Smith +1 321 388 6511
  3. Helene

    Tweeters Plead for Accurate News Reporting

    I am Twitter watching in real time while we wait to hear accurate news on natasha richardson -- lots of discourse on what sources to trust. Here are a few sample tweets: jennyrotten: Someone bring back the newspaper biz so we know what happened to Natasha Richardson. According to online she is...
  4. Helene

    Do people use Google Docs to create PDFs that go out to print service providers?

    Does anyone have any comments/experience with this?
  5. Helene

    Ghent PDF Workgroup - 1st US Meeting

    Hi PrintPlanet members - I'm at the first Ghent PDF Workgroup meeting in the U.S. Follow what's happening in real time at Twitter / GhentWorkgroup ccess to the comprehensive, best practice workflow specifications and resources are now easier than ever for printers, prepress professionals and...
  6. Helene

    George Ryan Announces Call for Papers, Graphics of the Americas

    h4. Graphics of the Americas 2009 is opening its call for speakers to participate in the 34th annual event being held February 26-28, 2009 at the Miami Beach Convention Center, PAF President George Ryan said today. Speakers will have the opportunity to present to graphic communications decision...

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What about Profitability?
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