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    CTP service Contracts

    We are spending a considerable amount of money on our CTP service contract. Nothing breaks down on the, fairly new, CTP device so justifying spending on a service we hardly use is becoming harder and harder. Just wondering if most users out there have contracts or not on there CTP machine. My...
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    XMF Page Correction Questions

    I would like to know how XMF users handle PDF page corrections. If you have a 32 page book and 16 pages have corrections what are the prepress workflow rules of bringing in those new pages. It seems pretty easy in the demo, but I would like to here from other users about this before purchasing...
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    KPS and epson 9880 connection error

    We have been using Kodak Proofing Software and epson 9880 for a couple years. We never turn it off or very rarely restart because we are afraid off loosing the connection. The KPS software on window XP is now NOT connecting to our 9880:mad:. The epson is attached via USB and KPS...
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    Plate switch from Fuji to Trillium

    Hey, Has anyone made the switch from Fuji LH-pi lates to Kodak Trillium. I am currently having plate calibration issues. Our one CTP device images both plates and the plate readings are the same, but on press they print differently. The kodaks print heavy. Using harmony I've adjusted the...

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What about Profitability?
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