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    Xerox 700i Dots/Damage to Black Drum

    I was thinking along the same lines- Possibly dumping all the developer, and vacuuming EVERYTHING again, and then AGAIN. We can't think of anything else that would cause th is.
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    Xerox 700i Dots/Damage to Black Drum

    Hello Hello! We have a confounding problem. We have been running our xerox 700i for about 9 years. We have actively maintained the machine. Most of the internals have been replaced over the years. We always use OEM Toners/Developers/Drums. Recently we received what we think was a bad batch of...
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    Help choosing our next press

    Thank you for the candid reply. We generally do not print on coated stock. Our presses do not function well on anything over 24lb, and some of the sizes require 22lb and adding coated just gunks up the works even more. Our facility is climate controlled, if the humidity is too high, and the...
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    Help choosing our next press

    I've been pouring over specs, brochures, and forums for a while now but most threads are specific to print shops. We are not a print shop, but printing is central to what we do. We manufacture pin back buttons. We are currently running a dc240. However, we run into a lot of color issues even...

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What about Profitability?
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