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    re-negotiating equipment lease

    Anyone who has recently re-negotiated a digital printer lease please share your experience. I am 12 months in with 48 months to go on the lease. I did ask back in March. The initial offer was to defer 3 months plus accrue interest. I passed on that. I felt that was a "thanks for nothing" offer...
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    Singer Sewn binding in the US

    Hi, Does anyone know of a bindery that does small run (200-500 pcs) of singer swan binding for small booklets - 16-page 5" x 5" trim size.
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    Duplo DB 280 Glue

    Looking for a source for hot glue (EVA) for Duplo DB 280. I found only one online source for glue - which sells 35lb boxes, price is al little over $5 per pound which sounds good. Otherwise not much out there. Hard to believe only one supplier for such a popular machine. Any...
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    light production printers

    We are leasing our first new production machine. In the light production category. Our list is Ricoh Pro C510s, the Konica Minolta AccurioPress 6120 and still determining a Xerox. We had a demo on the Ricoh, Minolta in a few days. Any comments from recent buyers would be helpful. Have not been...

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