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  1. easiprint

    Jitter on Ricoh C5200?

    Having an issue on my Ricoh C5100 and C5200 presses with banding on the trailing half of the sheet (see photo!). I've been running these presses for about 4 years now, and never had an issue this bad. With any pastel shades, I get this banding, sometimes one, sometimes two on the end of the...
  2. easiprint

    Konica Minolta Bizhub C552 Banding in Greyscale

    Hi We've just aquired a KM C552. I know it's classed as an office machine with no rip, but it's main use for us will be as a backup machine and for walk in copying so our Xerox's can be left to run. Problem we are having is banding on greyscale, about every 4mm. Engineer has no idea on how...
  3. easiprint

    Does a digital printing company need a sales rep?

    Hi Just after some other printers opinions. We're a small family run digital printing company in the UK. Currently have 4 of us working here, 2 in production and 2 in the office, although no-one is a dedicated sales person. We also outsource litho work so cover a broad product range. Whilst...
  4. easiprint

    Trimming Perfect Bound Books

    Kind of embarrassed to ask this, as I've bound and trimmed thousands of perfect bound paperback books in my time, but the last time I done some was about 15 years ago, so my memory has let me down a bit!! I used to work for a large printing company running the Horizon binding line, but I left...
  5. easiprint

    Xerox Meters

    Hi Can any one tell me how the meters count on Xerox machines, especially the DC5252/DC2045/etc. My understanding was that there were 4 meters: A - Total colour prints (any size) B - Total black prints (any size) C - Total Large Colour prints (A3+) D - Total prints (A+B) Therefore there is...
  6. easiprint

    Xerox Docucolor Clicks

    Hi I am looking to find the general opinion on Xerox clicks on Docucolor machines, especially from anyone that has a Xerox on an all inclusive service contract. Obviously the counters count one click per sheet, regardless of size. However, on your click contracts, do large sheets get charged...
  7. easiprint

    Xerox DC250 and Fiery Problems

    Having problems with my DC250 and Fiery RIP. Every morning I have to reboot the Fiery several times to get it to be recognised by Command Workstation and accept jobs, and it is frequently dropping out during the day requiring a reboot. Could it be the Fiery on the way out? I also have a DC12...
  8. easiprint

    Calibrating a Xerox DC5252?

    Hi We have a Xerox DC250 on contract with Xerox, which we calibrate with Colorcal, and it runs fine. Due to workloads however we have just added a DC5252 which is under a contract with a private dealer. The company who are supplying the DC5252 say it does not need calibrating as it has an...
  9. easiprint

    DC250 pauses

    Hi, My DC250 has started to pause for about 5 seconds after every 5th sheet SRA3. I am not using complicated files, just basic compliment slips, so mainly text based. It never used to do this. It can make the printing quite slow going. Does anyone know if this could be a problem with the...
  10. easiprint

    Opinions on a DC5252

    Hi Just looking for peoples opinion on the DC5252 for a small printshop. Situation is, we are a small printshop in the UK (four employees) which is mainly digital (we have a single colour AB Dick, but avoid using it wherever possible!). We currently have a DC250 and a DC12 for our digital...
  11. easiprint

    Customers... don't ya just love 'em?

    Just had a customer teaching me how to accept artwork files. Customer ordered some business cards, and asked me how I need the artwork. I tell her a pdf file with 3mm bleed all round will be fine. She goes off to speak to her 'designer', and then comes back to tell me that I am wrong. She...
  12. easiprint

    Xerox DC242 or DC250?

    Hi I have just purchased a reconditioned Xerox Docucolor from my Xerox dealer. I have been a customer of theirs for a while as we also have a DC12 from them. The machine I agreed to purchase was a reconditioned DC242 with professional finisher. The machine was delivered last week and they...
  13. easiprint

    Advice on developing digital sales?

    Hi Been observing these forums for a while, and finally decided to join today. This may be a cheeky question, or in the wrong place, and if so just tell me!!!!! We are a small print shop in the UK, run by myself and my wife, with one part time finishing lady. We have been trading for about 5...

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