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    Acrobat DC : annoying delay when clicking between Tabs

    I'm on Mojave and the latest Acrobat DC. I've got Pitstop and Prinergy Plugins. My set up is to alt click on the green traffic light to maximise the Window to fill the screen but leave the Contextual Menu across the top, I then have documents open full screen in Tabs at the top. Its useful for...
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    low res plotter/proofer recommendations

    may need a new ink -jet to replace HP design jet 5500, 36inch wide roll fed, used for imposed paper proofs for internal checking of bleed/folding etc, must be driven from Prinergy Sever running Windows Server. any suggestions, really not fussed about quality, speed is much more important. Anyone...
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    Remote Proof Spot Colour Separation in colour

    Using Prinergy, is it possible to produce a spot colour separation file in colour, as a small file we can ftp to a remote site for ink-jet proofing. Our client requires 6 colour jobs to be output on one sheet as a composite colour and then the 2 spot colours as progressives as 2 additional...
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    Prinergy Workshop and Yosemite

    Are there any methods of getting this combo working (even partially) Kodak support said we need to wait till April 2015. At the moment Workshop is stalling with a message that Java 6 is needed, but the link is to a Lion install. Many years ago I used to have to use a few sudo commands to get...
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    Editing PDF Form XObject

    Is there a web video available as to how to go about this? I'm reading that I'm able to to do this from Pitstop version 7. But am struggling to figure it out using guesswork. Sub question: is PDF Form XObject the correct terminology? Using the out-of-the-box Pitstop highlight colours, I'm...
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    Jagged Text Outline Punk and Bloat style

    I have a PDF (according to its properties its created by Distiller 9.0.0 from QuarkXPress pictwpstops filter 1.0) of an outer cover it has the wrong spine size so I'd usually place this 3 times in InDesign and create a new one with the correct size spine. 1st question: What looks like text in...
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    CIP3 data to old 102 press

    We have two 102 presses. We send a prinergy generated PPF file to Heidelberg PrepressInterface version and then transfer the data to an OMNI DRIVE Heidelberg CPC card, this card is taken over to the press. This all works well with our newer press. The card has forty "slots" but only slot...

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