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    Versant 80 - banding?

    I’m a Konica fan but recently bought a Versant 80 as a cheap(ish) second machine and have no idea how to troubleshoot it haha. Printing some greeting cards and getting this banding on pink and purple. On a Konica I’d say it’s the corona wires but don’t know if it’s just the drum on the Xerox...
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    Versant 80...All lights flashing

    Anyone with a Versant 80 experienced all the lights flashing on and off? We only had this installed on Thursday, left it over the weekend then came in today to this. Have tried powering it off at the wall and leaving it for a few minutes but just reverts to the same state when I power it back...
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    Skew on Morgana Docufold Pro

    I swear, finishing equipment and me really don't get on! haha. I've recently purchased a used Morgana Docufold Pro (current model with the colour touchscreen). A great piece of kit by the looks of it. However, whenever I try to fold anything, the results are really inconsistent. Probably one...
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    Duplo DC-445 350gsm?

    So I posted a couple of weeks ago about how I managed to kill my Morgana creaser. I replaced it with a used Duplo DC-445 as all the specs I’ve found say it should handle 350gsm card. I’ve gone to use it for the first time today with 350gsm card and 99% of the sheets jam in the feed roller. It...
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    Morgana Autocreaser 'Crunch' message

    I wonder if you knowledgeable lot can help. I've got a Morgana Autocreaser (the old style where the red screen is by the buttons). It's been in stored in a shipping container for the past 12 months (stupidly) and some of the rods inside have rusted (which is a separate issue). I've bought it...
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    How much to buy title after lease?

    I know this is a bit of a daft question, especially given it will largely depend on the country I'm in and so on, but I am coming to the end of the lease on my Konica C3070 and I would like to buy out the remainder of the lease. The lease company have advised that the lease does not transfer...
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    Xerox square fold trimmer. Any good?

    Just purchased a Xerox Versant 80 as a second printer (our main machine is a Konica C3070). The Xerox we’ve bought has the pro booklet maker and so am thinking of using that to make booklets when the need arises. I’ve been offered the chance to buy a square fold trimmer to add to the machine and...
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    Custom Built vs Pre-Built PC’s?

    Just curious how many of you on here have custom built PC’s vs pre-built from the likes of Dell and HP. Looking at replacing a couple of PC’s and having a hard time decided between some Dell Precision’s and some Intel or Ryzen systems.
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    Anyone use Oki Pro machines?

    We currently have a Konica C3070 and absolutely love it. Prints everything we throw at it without much issue. We have our service agreement direct with Konica in the U.K. and have been impressed with the service aspect so far. We had a first floor built in our shop a few months ago and have...
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    Any way to calibrate/adjust Morgana Autocreaser?

    I’ve recently bought a Morgana Autocreaser. It’s the older version without a screen (has the red led display for the measurements etc). I tried to do an A4 half fold today with the fold at 148.5mm. Every time, it folded at 145mm instead despite it being set to 148.5. Is there any adjustments I...
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    Speckled print on Konica C3070

    Just wondering if anyone can offer any advice on what may be causing this and how I can fix it? This is on a Konica C3070 and only seems to be affecting colours with cyan in.
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    Refurbished Digital Press Recommendations?

    I posted a few weeks ago that I was looking for a press to use specifically for sheets of stickers. We already have a Konica C3070 as our main press, but our sticker printing is increasing so we want a dedicated press for this. We had (or so we thought), sealed a deal on a Xerox C60 with an...
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    Creasing 350gsm on a Morgana Docufold Pro?

    Currently looking at buying a Morgana Docufold Pro which I believe has a creasing module with a bypass tray for heavier stocks. I was curious as to whether the creasing module would be able to crease (or crease and fold) 350gsm silk card stock. The official spec says maximum paper weight of...
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    Xerox C60 vs J75 vs V80

    I’m currently using our Konica C3070 for printing sheets of labels and have been looking for a relatively cheap machine to dedicate to labels. Originally looked at the Versant 80, I’ve just been offered a C60 with adaptive colour kit to enable it to print white, gold and silver. The C60 with the...
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    How does a Versant 80 compare to Konica C3070?

    We currently have a Konica C3070 and are looking for a second machine specifically for sticker sheets. We have tested our sticker sheets on our Konica C458 office machine and one of the papers (a compostable paper) doesn’t like the C458 resulting in the toner rubbing off. I can’t afford another...
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    Does anyone use a Konica MFP for light production?

    We currently have a Konica C3080 as our production press but are moving into printing sticker sheets which we ideally need a second printer for. Not wanting to go down the route of a second ‘production’ grade machine I decided to try our Konica C458 that’s in our office but on the Matt sticker...
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    Xerox Versant 2100 opinions?

    We currently have a Konica C3070 and in general are very happy with it, especially coming from a Xerox C560. We have been looking at buying a second printer that will be partly used as a backup machine but also for so specific jobs that don’t do so well on our Konica (such as ncr pads). We...
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    Label Software for Variable Data to sheets

    I know bartender can use variable data csv files to generate barcodes etc but it only works for rolls of labels as far as I can see. Is there anything similar that can output to multiple labels on a sheet?
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    Inkjet vs toner for stickers?

    A couple of years ago I posted that I was looking to get into sticker/label printing. I had bought an Oki to print some specific labels which was a disaster and I gave up. Anyway, two years on and I still have the itch to venture down this road. We have since upgraded our digital press from our...
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    Streaky prints from Konica C3070. Any ideas on a fix?

    Less than a year ago I purchased a brand new Konica C3070 direct from Konica UK. It came with a service agreement. Contacted them today to arrange a service call to be told they had cancelled my service agreement but could not tell me why. While I try and resolve that, it looks like I need...

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