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    Challenge 305 Cutter Home Position

    There is a set screw in the very back of the cutter. It is the motor that moves the belt. Sometimes it backs off and the motor just spins. Take the housing off and observe it. It will make perfect sense if that is the problem.
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    Justifying Equipment Purchase... Recession... Financing Options - HELP!

    If you decide to go with a B/W machine, I would highly recommend the Canon Varioprint DP 140. The toner is beautiful, just like offset. I did a quality test with all the major printers and nothing came close to the Canon DP 140. The only drawback is if you use friction-fed finishing equipment...
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    Skew on Morgana Docufold Pro

    I would say that it is the skew adjustment at the top of the folding attachments. There is a knob at the top for adjusting skew. Not to be confused with the nob for adjusting the fold. The skew knob has a lock screw and a plus and minus setting. It should be set to zero. A novice will use the...
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    Morgana Autocreaser 'Crunch' message

    We have the very same one. Make sure the catch tray is seated properly. If it's up a bit it won't run.
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    Best screen angle for one color gradients

    I miss those days. Taping down all those screens on mylar. Picking out the dots with your pointed tool when you got a speck on the glass. Chokes and spreads. Rubylith. Chromalin proofs. Velox prints.
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    Aluminum False Clamp

    We just bought a Mohr 80 cutter and we love it. However, the false clamp is aluminum and my magnetic foam strips don't stick. I need them for cutting perfect bound books. Any solutions?
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    Roland SP540v - Black and Magenta print issue

    Shutdown. Unplug. Plug in. Start.
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    Konica Minlota C1060 Issue

    Sometimes the feed rollers need a little extra attention. I always keep a can of belt dressing spray and put a LITTLE on a cloth and rub all the rollers including the bottom roller that doesn't turn. With my canon C750 it's a long reach.
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    4 staple booket maker? Square back folder?

    Watkiss is the best, coolest square back folder. But you have to have deep pockets. It is also quite slow. But like those of us who are slow it does the job the best. :) Just watching the video is awesome. Is has one staplehead that moves across the spine for as many stitches as you want. And it...
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    Canon VarioPrint Speed

    We have a Varioprint 140 and it is reliably fast. We run a lot of 12x18 and it is no slower than tabloid. We also have a continuous stacker which makes it even faster. Quality is awesome.
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    Job Interview No No

    He wrote it while he was waiting for the vacuum frame to come to full vacuum. Love those Newton rings!
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    Any way to calibrate/adjust Morgana Autocreaser?

    Amen. Thank you. We have the very machine and I have been content to run a sheet and adjust accordingly. Thanks!
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    Canon c750 settings

    We have had our c750 for almost a year and for the most part I really like it. I cannot seem to find settings that make really good halftones and good, sharp text. They hardest is a good, smooth tint. Currently I have set in the Fiery 1200 dpi, Error diffusion, smooth halftone, default...
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    Fixing Files

    Bleed. Where's the bleed? What is bleed? Oh. Screenshots and PNGs. The list goes on.
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    Flawless BW production printer

    We have a Canon VarioPrint 135 and it runs like a top. Ours has 19,000,000 letter clicks. It is 5 years old. Make sure you get the continuous stacker.
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    KM C3080 vs VERSANT 180 vs RICOH 7200 vs CANON C910 vs KM C83HC

    We are installing a Canon 750. Canon wasn't mentioned at all. Any thoughts on the C750?
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    Matrix pneumatic laminators? Foil & spot-uv

    We are located in Ontario and we have had a Matrix for about a year and we love it!! We laminate 13x19 almost exclusively as we print book covers 2-up. We buy 12.75" laminating rolls. The automatic feeder is awesome and lets you do other things with one ear open. We haven't used the foil...
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    Ricoh 7200 Wrinkles...

    Had the same problem with dull on a KM 1060c. I solved it by lowering the temperature by choosing the next setting down, ie from 106 gsm to say 90 gsm. The wrinkles stopped immediately.

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