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  1. Slammer

    Colour Perception Test

    Zero, but what happened to the big Munsell test? This one seems to be a tad "politically correct"
  2. Slammer

    Need help selling Equipment!!!

    Agree with Machineseeker, but only if you like a challenge.
  3. Slammer

    Screen Cezanne Image corruption

    If there are no error messages then this looks like either jitter from a dry rail or spindle or a wonky stepper motor. Try using a light oil on the mechanics.
  4. Slammer

    Following Guidelines

    Imagine the government did nothing, or next to nothing like the US or the dumpster fire in Brazil, or the UK etc. It seems that the majority of "conservative" lead countries have the highest Corvid count an the highest death toll to report. Trying to nice talk and pretty up the statistices for...
  5. Slammer

    Following Guidelines

    100.000 deaths and counting accounted to Corvid in Brazil, 170.000 for the US of A... Congratulations you got the Highscore.
  6. Slammer

    Following Guidelines

    Just missing the ducttape around the bottom,
  7. Slammer

    Following Guidelines

    I wish science would come up with a vaccine for American pseudo-science-mumbojumbo. Unless you are breathing in a sealed fishbowl there is no way you can be re-rebreathing your own CO2.
  8. Slammer

    Following Guidelines

    You are quoting from the Daily Fail, sorry, Mail a budgie cage lining of a news paper and highly populistic conservative. They are not known for balanced reporting. Quote: "The Daily Mail has been noted for its unreliability and widely[disputed – discuss] criticised for its printing of...
  9. Slammer

    Following Guidelines

    Now that is uncanny.
  10. Slammer

    Following Guidelines

    Your Dr. Pamela Popper is a so-called "naturopath" with focus on alternative and folk medicine and not evidence based medicine. In short she is doing nothing more than peddling ju ju and I would not trust what she has to say. Apart from that the video seems to be ancient and from that far gone...
  11. Slammer

    Following Guidelines

    The virus may be minute but you are not just blowing out a dusty likkle virus all on it´s onesies, it is suspended in a aerosol liquid substrate, read: a sneeze or a cough, and a mask is extremly good at holding your glibber back. So stop bitching and wear a mask, promoting healthy food and...
  12. Slammer

    anilox recommendation

    As Cornishpastythighs says, a banded anilox maybe a good purchase. You can still use your 150 to 175 lpi without much ado, what RIP will you be using? Just don´t forget your bump ups and you should be fine, however all screen forms commonly used in Offset may not be practical, stick with round...
  13. Slammer

    anilox recommendation

    I suppose you would first have to determine what screen ruling you want to print, say a 70ppcm screen; would be 180 lpi, a low ball ratio screen to anilox would be 1:5, gives you 900 pits per inch.
  14. Slammer

    Hi all,pls i have a proble on cptronic dyntest-hak2-7ff7. Any help

    Perhaps you would get some help if you elaborated on the problem.
  15. Slammer

    Long Shot? - Evo 5.6 Windows Client Issue

    All that is written above, but also if your EVO is running on an older PC OS you may want to check the date and time, I have recently seen some crazy stuff hotfolder stuff going on when the EVO PC has a different time to the Win10 box. You may have to recreate the templates.
  16. Slammer

    Fixing Files funny.
  17. Slammer

    Sales Double—Using 50% Fewer Staff—by Automating Imposition

    Read: Three people lost their livelyhood due to the robot apocalypse.
  18. Slammer

    Coronavirus infect to the Drupa

    I have had the feeling that DRUPA has been heading to a dead end for some time now. The commitment and the money needed to participate is so huge that by now only a few can really afford it and eventhough DRUPA is kind of like the base line it´s time as a showcase is over. C-19 is just the...
  19. Slammer

    So How many prepress technicians got laid off because of Covid-19

    My contract is running out in August and it won´t be changed to a permanent one, so amma out of a job. (here in Germany a company can only issue two temp contracts, after which they have to either let you go or commute to a permanent contract) So things suck bigtime at the moment.

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