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    Aluminum False Clamp

    We just bought a Mohr 80 cutter and we love it. However, the false clamp is aluminum and my magnetic foam strips don't stick. I need them for cutting perfect bound books. Any solutions?
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    Canon c750 settings

    We have had our c750 for almost a year and for the most part I really like it. I cannot seem to find settings that make really good halftones and good, sharp text. They hardest is a good, smooth tint. Currently I have set in the Fiery 1200 dpi, Error diffusion, smooth halftone, default...
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    UV Coating

    Why is my UV coating fluid turning Brownish in the tank? Is it being contaminated? Oxidation? I am finishing sheets printed exclusively on a Konica Minolta 1060C.
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    Canon varioprint DP135

    We are replacing our Oce 4120. We have narrowed it down to the Canon 135 and the KM 1250. Is anyone using a 135? Happy? WE do about 250000-650000 per month 11x17.
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    Oce VP 4120 Can't print from Yosemite.

    We have moved over to the Mac platform and can't seem to get the mac drivers to work. Is anyone printing to a varioprint from a mac? Help! Oce says the Mac OS 10.8 driver should work.
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    Nagel Sp Plus Square Press

    We have a Nagel Square press. Last week it starting running continuously. It does speed up when you put a book through. It is supposed to stop after each book. After talking to service, they think it is one of the two boards. There is a main control board and a secondary one. It seems to me like...
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    Titan 265 cutter noise

    WE have a Titan 265 Paper cutter and it has been working beautifully. Today it started making a horrible growl at the bottom of the knife cycle. I've oiled and greased everything I can think of. It does this even with the knife off. Any suggestions? Thanks

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