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    Xerox V80 NCR marking Transfer Belt

    Hi, Running NCR on our V80 for the last 5 years and the last two times its damaged the transfer belt which is causing this mark. The first time it happened I'd took Xeroxs advice and put in a very old 2nd BTR to preserve my good one, something I'd never bothered with before. It marked like this...
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    Photobook Printing Presses

    Hi all, I've had a company within our estate approach us looking to create photobooks. Basically their idea is that they'll send me pdf book that needs to be printed double sided on 350gsm card, with a creased hinge and two hole punch and they then send it to be bound in premade leather...
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    "Got me out of a hole!"

    Had two experiences this week of jobs potentially turning into a disaster and managed a crazy workaround. Just thought I'd share and if anyone has similar instances. 1st - Printing x200 DL window envelopes (Conqueror Wove so pricey) Anyway only after ordering did I remember you mostly need...
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    Static build up within machine causing registration movement

    Hi, Have a Versant 80. Running into a problem with 130gsm gloss. It seems the machine is building up static and causing the backup to swing. It builds up gradually so first 100 / 200 sheets would be perfect and then you'd see the back going 1mm out and slowly getting worse and worse until the...
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    Standalone Creaser or Creaser/Slitter/Cutter

    Our standalone creaser (Morgana Autocreaser) needs a new motherboard and given it's age I really think it's best to retire it. I can get an used newer Morgana Autocreaser for decent money but I'm wondering would I be able to just get a Creaser/Slitter/Cutter (SCC) instead for a few k more...
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    Xerox (Versant) 2nd BTR streaking marks work around

    Hi, This topic crops up alot on here amongst Versant owners (my V80 being on of them). Just thought I'd share my workaround. Problem - 2nd Btr creates drag lines from waste toner. Occurs mainly on coated stocks and results in 2nd Btr needing to be constantly replaced way before its due. More...
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    Fiery Job Parameters delay in opening

    Hi, Versant 80 with EX80 print server. All of a sudden whenever we open job parameters on a job in the fiery we are experiencing about 30-40sec delay in the window actually opening. If we click anything during this wait the screen fades out like it's about to crash but eventually comes back in...
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    Sleeking Queries

    Hi, Query 1 - I know the basic sleeking is main print, soft lam, sleek area overprint then foil. Has anyone tried sleek area overprint then foil then over print again on unfoiled/ or foiled areas? I've seen a few "sales pitches" online claiming to print on the actual foil for better images...
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    Irish Government Purchase Komori Press that didn't fit

    The Irish government bought a Komori Press that didn't fit where it was intended to go. Ended up needing to perform €236,000 worth of construction works while the machine sat in paid storage. €808k press ended up costing over million all because someone didn't measure it correctly for...
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    Magazine with 8000 unique covers

    Thought this was interesting. Sorry if covered before but couldn't see it anywhere here. Basically an algorithm applied to 10 "seed images" that creates 8000 unique covers. The software is HP Mosaic developed for the Indigo press...
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    Machine Expectation Document

    Hi, We have a Versant 80, just hitting two years with us now. Overall very happy but we do have two issues that have been with us since day1 and are know problems with the machine. Second BTR not cleaning and band lines in colours. Both issues discussed on here before. With the BTR I have to...
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    Versant 3100 and 180

    I see on the Fuji Xerox. These two machines have been added.

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