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    Canon announced the V1000 There aren't a lot of specifications released, but it looks like a competitor to the Xerox Versant 280 and Ricoh 7200.
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    metallic toner printing

    I'm looking for a trade printer who could print 5000 to 15000 8.5x11 5/0 90gsm certificates with a gold ink official seal. The certificates will need to be able to go through an office copier or desktop laser printer. The trade printer would ideally be in the western US or better yet, Seattle...
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    How much to charge for Duplo 646 work

    A recent addition to my shop is a Duplo 646 slitter cutter creaser. We have been billing it out based on hourly time for job setup and machine tending, but I'm thinking about charging per sheet processed through it. How do others bill their slitter cutter creaser utilization? thanks.
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    Ricoh consumable shortages?

    I have a Xerox Versant 3100 nearing the end of its lease. I'm looking to upgrade and switch vendors due to toner and drum supply issues, with a Ricoh 9200 being at the top of my list. Has Ricoh maintained reliable drum, toner, and replacement parts in 2021 for those of you in North America with...
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    Web Design alongside print

    Does anyone in this forum offer web design services alongside their print offerings? What are the pros and cons? My team does design work and has branched out into stickers, wide format printing, and some sublimation, but I'm looking for more diversification to reduce the volatility from paper...
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    Duplo 646 volume

    How many sheets should a Duplo 646 slitter handle before needing maintenance like new motors, belts, blades, etc?
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    bulk 3 ring binders - Western US

    I have a need to acquire 3 ring binders in 100-unit and 1000 unit quantities, ideally for $1 to $2 per piece. Are there office supply companies the western US that you would recommend? thanks.
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    Phillipsburg 7200 manual

    Does anyone have a service manual for a Bell and Howell Phillipsburg 7200 C4 envelope inserter or similar machine that they could share a scan of? thanks.
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    Fuji updates the Versant Series Duplex up to 34" / 861mm Simplex up to 47" / 1200mm New feed tray design for banner media I suspect that these machines will be released in Asia/Pacific region before they start selling in North America. With Fuji and Xerox parting...
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    creasing synthetic paper

    I have a customer job for trifold brochures printed on 135gsm Nakoosa Synaps syntethetic media. My Duplo 646 creaser barely creates a crease at max depth. A baumfolder does better fold/crease, but that media doesn't exactly lay flat. Does anyone have tips for putting folds in synthetic media...
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    Used laminators

    Auction sites are listing a number of used laminators for quite a bit less than MSRP. Supposing I purchase a heat assist 63 inch laminator or similar used, what kinds of repair costs and effort should I plan for if a machine is in less than functional condition? For example, what would the...
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    Used digital presses

    I've noticed a few decent digital presses go for very little at used equipment auctions. Most recently Ricoh 9110 for $8000 Xerox V2100 for $13000 "Just a Printer" channel on Youtube had had success with a used Konica Minolta press and saved quite a bit on clicks. Are there press vendors...
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    EDDM bundling

    For US print shops- what is the most efficient way to count out and separate EDDM bundles using a digital workflow? Here are some ideas that I have 1) Insert seperators every 100 sheets, or 20 sheets, or whatever and hand count the extra digits after cutting 2) Use imposition software to print...
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    EDDM address block

    Can I put "postal customer" under the indicia and skip the address block entirely in a 6x11 mailer layout? I can't seem to find specifications on EDDM mailpiece address blocks or if one is even required.
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    Duplo 646 perfing carbonless

    I have a customer job that would include perforating about 10,000 sheets of carbonless paper in a Duplo 646 using the micro-perf tool and then printing the job in a Xerox Versant 3100. The perforating seems to run ok, despite the media being below the recommended weight for the Duplo 646. Should...
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    retractable banner hardware

    My team would like to start offering retractable pop-up banners. Does anyone have hardware recommendations for the retractable banner stand hardware? Any vendors that we should avoid? The banners would be printed on an Epson S40600
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    Duplo slitter training

    We're a few month into a Duplo 646 and our vendor/dealer knowledge transfer is pretty sparse. Is there operator training available from Duplo that anyone is aware of? Or maintenance manuals online? We're running into surprises with all the nooks and crannies that need to be cleaned and...
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    mini binders

    I'm looking for a US source for 8.5x5.5 ring binders at a bulk price. I need 200. Western US is preferred. thanks.
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    magnification skew correction

    The Xerox Versant 3100 series have a slight magnification skew on 13x19 media due to a software bug that I don't expect to get fixed. Printing business cards duplex can be challenging on 13x19 with the skew issue. Is there a tool such as Pitstop that supports hot folders and will automatically...
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    pocket folders

    Does anyone create pocket folders from 13x19 sheets? I'm running a V3100 and just got a Duplo 646 and that might a good service to attempt, but we'd be a little bit limited on pocket size. thanks!

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