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    XMF output colors

    Hi community I don't know if this problem has a solution ...... I am currently using XMF and Navigator and I have a problem with XMF when tiff files are in Server, doesn't show colors, but using Navigator I don't have this problem. ​ I hope you can help me.
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    How unembed all images in Illustrator

    Hi world, I have a problem. I have a file, and this file has all images embed, and I need unembed all, but is so hard unembed one by one. I wonder if there is a plugin or a script for this work. Thanks for you reply.
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    Package Designer User Guide

    Hello world, somebody have userguide Prinect Package Designer? I dont if heildelberg maked this user guide, is for this, I need your help. Best regads.
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    Split pages in half de-imposing

    Hey people, Im here again with another question, I seen a video of Pitstop (VIDEO min 3.56) and I tried and triend, and I never got it :/ Somebody has idea how I can make that? I using this pdf file.
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    How link pages?

    Hi friends, I have a big problem, a client has a book of 128 pages, but the problem is that I have 128 PDFs files :/ I need know if PitStop has somehow for link all these pages orderly, I tried use "Insert PDF Document" option, but is impossible add sundry pages both.

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