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    File Sharing / Storage / Sync

    Hello, I am searching for a new service. Looking for simple reliable service. Don't need lots of extras. Prefer smaller American company (trying to avoid the typical big corporate politics these days... google, microsoft, dropbox, etc). Thanks for your comments and input. Neal
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    Personal Guarantee for leased Xerox?

    I have read other posts on this forum regarding personal guarantees for leased equipment... but looking for more current thoughts and comments. In our 36th year of business and now 100% digital shop, we are looking to add a Xerox V180. Would you sign a personal guarantee? Look forward to your...
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    Tips for heavy coverage digital fold

    Hello all. Would appreciate your tips for trifolding heavy coverage digital print 80 gloss text. The toner coverage is heavy and makes for extremely slick stock surface causing folding problems. Thanks.
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    Machines to consider?

    Hello all, We have been operating with a V80 for 5 years. In that time I have realized that the machine has done an excellent job but we still have not stressed it's volume capability at all. Even during busy times I estimate that we are operating at 40-60% capacity. The machine sits idle quite...
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    Best Acrobat alternative?

    I need to work with PDF files of course. I need to make text and image changes. I just can't make myself sign up for Adobe acrobat monthly service because of the terrible Adobe customer service. Please offer your experience and comments with other PDF editing softwares. Thank you.
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    Adobe Alternative?

    PLEASE... someone tell me there is an alternative to indesign and acrobat! I have had it up to my wazoo with pitifully ridiculous Adobe tech support. We are a small digital shop and just want a simple page design and pdf software to drive our Versant 80 press. Adobe is fine when all is well...
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    InDesign’s Data Merge

    How can I apply master A to just odd pages? And master B to even pages? This would really help with smaller data merge file sizes. Thanks.
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    Moving from V80 to V180B...

    Hello all. We are considering moving from 5 year old V80 to new V180B with EX Fiery. Our V80 has been a reliable machine and was hoping to get opinions on the V180B from users out there in print world. Thanks for all comments.
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    Digital Press Leases

    Hello. Thought I would lean on the vast experience on this forum regarding machine leases. I have only had one in our business so I’m still learning. Our present V80 lease has 24 more months... a proposal was recently given to me to replace the V80 with a V180... less base monthly rate than we...

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