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    Xerox OHCF Envelope Printing (Versant 180)

    We run #10 envelopes very well on our Versant 180. You can only load about 150 at time in tray 6 with the envelope kit, but we have printed many boxes without a single jam. We print #10 window envelopes as well and they're not the laser safe ones. The window does get a little wavy but I've never...
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    Toner / colordrum issue xerox versant

    We are having the same issues with drums as you are. Versant 180 Our Tech says its the Toner causing the problems. We changed all of our Drums at the same time recently and the problem was back after 10,000 impressions (probably Less)
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    re-negotiating equipment lease

    You were offered exactly what Xerox offered me. It was almost an entire months lease payment extra over the balance of the lease to get the 3 month extension. I had about 30 months left on mine. I passed on it as well.
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    Paying Bills...

    Ok Xerox gave a response last night. They offered the 3 month deferment of the lease with interest accruing. My cost would be approximately $1350 for the 3 months. I passed on that
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    Paying Bills...

    I have received no response from Xerox at all. So I would assume Xerox isn't doing anything for their lease holders
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    Paying Bills...

    My mortgage company agreed to a 3 month pause without interest. Ive requested a 3 month extension on my lease with XEROX but haven't heard back yet. Ive closed to walk in traffic and business is down probably more than 50%. There are some government programs in Canada which will help...
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    imagePRESS 850C or Versant 180?

    jdr999, I was told by the Canon Reps at the Print Canada show this spring they can't run Synthetics. I packed up 10 sheets for my local sales rep, he responded a couple weeks later they can't do it. Now Im confused, does Canon in your area recommend it?
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    imagePRESS 850C or Versant 180?

    Im considering the Versant Vs Canon options as well. The problem with the Canon is they won't handle synthetic stocks. I provided them with 10 sheets of Synaps 10 mil, the reply a couple weeks later was can't do it. Synthetics are becoming a larger part of my business so that is a deal breaker.
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    InDesign CC 2017 lagging issue

    We have experienced the same problem when we upgraded to CC2017. We solved it by installing more RAM 16GB from 8 2013 27" IMAC
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    Questions about Xerox C75/J75

    I have a C75 since March of 2013 they are very trouble free. We didn't see a service tech for the first 400,000 and the issue then was the Fiery not the C75. I would recommend the hicap feeder with your volumes.

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