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  1. BigSi

    Duplo. Australian Agent?

    Can't seem to track down anyone with the agency for Duplo down under. Not New Zealand want Australian. Link anyone? ta Simon
  2. BigSi

    v2100 upgrade to v3100 worth it?

    Hi there. Any feed back on this would be appreciated. Desperately need a back up machine. (Techs can be very slow turning up). Currently running a Fuji Xerox V2100. (yes I know, old) My budget only really allows for a v180 or a v3100. (unfortunately my budget won't stretch to a v3100i) The...
  3. BigSi

    HP N9120 Scanner wanted for parts

    Hi there. My scanner has a broken top feed tray. This is a 12year+ old scanner so next to impossible to get parts for. I know a bit of a long shot but thought I'd throw it out there. Or if anyone knows of a site I can get something like this off. I am keeping my eye one bay, gumtree, trader...
  4. BigSi

    Perforating on Horizon EF-354 folder

    Any one out there done this? Just wanted to get some feedback before I purchase the accessories required. I'm not to concerned if it takes quite awhile to set up as I'm happy to leave it as dedicated perforated. I have another folding machine. Straightness of perf, eveness of depth and...
  5. BigSi

    Stupid Question. Grain direction.

    It's been quite awhile since I have done any perfect bound books. A or B for grain direction. (see attached) I don't want the covers to curl when completed. Sorry! I know a real basic question, (I shouldn't have to ask). thanks Simon
  6. BigSi

    Purchasing Printing Business (digital only)

    Hi there. Looking at purchasing a very small business. (customer base only). He is happy to sell his gear separately (I don't want it, I already have the same if not better gear). Basically I'm just getting phone numbers, website, customer files, thats about it. I know there is normal figures...
  7. BigSi

    Duplo PFI Bind 2000 PUR

    Hi there, Just scored myself one of these little beauties. ( cheap, I hope I don't end up regretting it:-). Don't even know for sure if it go's at this stage. Trying to track down a manual, Can anyone direct me to a site? or I don't even mind purchasing if any one has one? Does any one out there...
  8. BigSi

    Duplo DC 646 v DC 645

    Hi there. I am thinking about purchasing a 646 (second hand) I have been offered a 645 at a fraction of the price. Obviously the 645 is quite a bit older. What are the main differences "spec" wise? I be struggling to get a reasonable ROI on a 646 (unless I can get one very cheap) easy on a 645...
  9. BigSi

    Serial connection. Mutoh Value cut - windows 10

    Hi there. Re: Windows 10 to Mutoh Valuecut. Serial connection on Mutoh to USB on PC. I have a dodgy USB connection on my Valuecut. (I think someone tripped over the cable) Easy fix I thought :-) switch to serial to USB. not so:-( So close but so far. See photos one to three. Could it be a...
  10. BigSi

    Perfect binder. Bourg v Horizon

    Hi there. I have the opportunity to purchase a small perfect binder. Taking price out the equation (Horizon is about 3k more) which would you go for? Bourg 3001 v Horizon BQ160 (bourg is at least 13years older). Your thoughts? I am just looking at photos on the interweb but because of the age...
  11. BigSi

    Small Perfect Binder

    Looking at getting a small 2nd hand perfect binder. Most likely a Horizon, Duplo or Morgana. (I have to have access to to support, so needs to be a well know brand with back up in this part of the world). Definitely not Chinese. Only doing small volumes I have heard that some have problems with...
  12. BigSi

    Graphic Whizard Fm 100

    Hi there. Just scored myself an old Graphic Whizard FM 100. Rollers look good ( they seem newish.) The issue is feeding doubles. (It is only a friction feed machine). It seems the only way to stop this is to fan out all the sheets (so each is staged slightley from the one above it). As you can...
  13. BigSi

    Duplo DC-616 v DC-646

    Hi there. Seems to be a huge difference in cost between these two machines. Apart from speed what are the differences?. With the 616 being that much slower! would there be much of a difference in the trimming time in say x21up bcards with a guillotine. I can trim x500 cards in under 15mins on...
  14. BigSi

    Changing to Pantone Spot Colours in PDFs

    Ok this is a very basic problem (hopefully has a basic answer). Bare with me (I have an offset printing background! not prepress). What is the bestway of changing CMYK colours to named Pantone spot colours so I can edit in Command workstation. Customer's supplied PDFs, as you can imagine...
  15. BigSi

    ACM cutting for small signs

    Hi there!. As you can guess I'm a newbie to signage (offset printing background). Is there a relatively cheap accurate way to cut ACM. (I'm looking for a tool or bit of equipment) for some reason I'm getting a lot of small ACM work ( Curb side parking signs, small information signs etc.). Just...
  16. BigSi

    Stock issues (paper size)

    Keen to get members feed back on this one. Currently running a V2100. My issue is inconsistent paper size from my paper merchants. (One supplier is worse than the other). Being a small market here in New Zealand there is not a huge range of paper supplies to choose from (and ofter it is...
  17. BigSi

    SigncutPro 2

    Hi there. I'm a newbie to this software. Hoping some one can save me a lot of time working out the best way to attack this. I have just got a trial version at the moment and want to make sure it will do what I want before I purchase. I print a lot of labels on my Xerox production press (not...
  18. BigSi

    Digital kiss cutting

    Hi there. Re: Kiss cutting labels (odd shapes and round corners) Does any one have any experience with this brand "BestCut"? Chinese brand. I wouldn't normal go anywhere near something like this but the price is a fraction of what I have seen anywhere else. I realise there are a heap of vinyl...
  19. BigSi

    cutting from Illustrator to Mutoh

    Hi there. Bit stuck. Was cutting to a Roland (GX500) cutter from a plug in Ai (cs6) My Roland died. A cheap Mutoh Valuecut came up, before I purchase a few people told me yes you can get a plug in for this (still cutting from Adobe illustrator) So I purchased. Do you think I can find a link...
  20. BigSi

    Duplo finishing machines

    Hi there. Keen on getting a second hand Duplo. Probably either a DC 616, DC 645 or DC445 obviously the newer the more expensive. Just wondering if there was a website where I can easily compare the specs of the different models. Need to make a call if the extra $$$ for a newer machine adds up to...

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