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    The Road Less Travelled

    Kudos to the cartoonist. It's not everyone who can extract humor from M. Scott Peck.
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    Enhancing the Customer Connection—Part 4

    Advancing Productivity and Service Delivery By Noel Ward, Editor@Large Back in the day when I was buying and managing a lot of print I’d get daily calls from my two favored print shops, sometimes even the in-plant, updating me on the status of my jobs. The calls to me took each shop only a few...
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    Enhancing the Customer Connection—Part 3

    Navigating the new Customer Landscape By Noel Ward, Editor@Large Do you fully understand your customers’ needs and have ways of managing their expectations? The reason I ask is because printing has become just one part of many customers’ media choices. A new study (LINK HERE) by NAPCO...
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    Are Your Customer's Happy?

    Print in the Eye of the Buyer (Episode 4) By Noel Ward, Editor@Large DOWNLOAD PAPER HERE If you’re like any other print provider you spend some time each day wondering if you and your team are keeping customers happy. You wonder about the one who stormed in at 10:22 this morning, spent 20...
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    BindRite Opens A Virtual Trade Show Online

    BindRite Opens A Virtual Trade Show Online The BindRite Dealers Association has opened the doors to the BindRite Virtual Trade Show™ (VTS), an online interactive trade show experience. The organization, which represents independent graphic arts dealers, created the free web-based expo as an...
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    Automation Success Story

    Ultimate TechnoGraphics Helps Cober Gain Unmatched Productivity Building an automated workflow from imposition to finishing propels Cober Printing to new levels of success, delivering hundreds of short-run orders per day. Erwin Driever, VP Technology, and Jeff Sider, Senior Development...
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    Are You Finished Yet?

    by Noel Ward, Editor@Large Back before I knew better, I asked a purveyor of finishing systems what the company had to offer for finishing systems for digital presses. His response was not unlike the scene in Star Wars when Obi Wan Kenobi told the Star Troopers, “These are not the droids you’re...
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    Chris Travis and Eric Frank discuss a wide range of topics, from automation to digital printing.
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    "Brand extensions are a fact of life these days, giving rise to a host of challenges. CHILI is making it easier for companies to manage a range of branding and product information for multiple products in their portfolios. CHILI’s Fabian Prudhomme and Flora Nkuranga-Gaju explain what the...
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    How Selling Metallics Is as Easy as Selling Ice Cream: One Printer’s Story

    [SPECIAL TO PRINT PLANET FROM XEROX] By Dennis Beck, Commercial Printer, North Palm Beach, Florida I’ve been in printing for almost 30 years, and I’ve taken many risks. Some didn’t work out, but most did. It’s sort of like buying stocks; not everyone is a winner, but most are if you’re careful...
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    Key Steps To Making Your Workflow Profitable

    Print customers’ needs and priorities continue to evolve. They demand cost-effective solutions, convenience and flexibility. Expected turnaround times get shorter, along with run lengths. The most profitable print shops remain agile and respond to their customers’ demands while keeping inventory...
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    Better, Quicker Service With The Ability To Complete Jobs In Half The Time

    Novatech Graphics in Little Silver, NJ has been in business for 40 years, producing full-color CMYK envelopes for commercial clients. The company works on tight margins with clients who are primarily print brokers and other printers who outsource to them. In order to stay profitable and...
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    Koenig & Bauer | Post Press at Print '19 Eric Frank and Tom Fitzgerald review Koenig & Bauers expanding range of post press equipment
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    Where Are We Now?

    Free White Paper. Download here. by Noel Ward, Editor@Large Learning new stuff that will help your business can be something of a chore. Raise your hand if you’ve ever dozed through PowerPoint presentations at a conference where the drone on the stage read the copy off the slides. Or when...
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    Rockford Finds Big Opportunity in Pushing the Envelope

    By Brian Segnit, Worldwide Product Marketing Manager, Xerox Corporation Short-run, 4-color, digitally printed envelopes bring new value while lowering costs and boosting productivity Rockford Litho Center (RLC), Rockford, Ill., has differentiated its business in recent years by helping its...
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    Zero Setup Time & Waste—Myth or Reality?

    By Walter Chumra Vice President of Technical Sales Koenig & Bauer A printer who can achieve zero setup time with zero setup waste while maintaining consistent high quality output, is going to be miles ahead in terms of bottom line profitability. As the twenty-first century opened, Koenig &...
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    Did I Hear That Right? Xerox is Now Developing Inkjet Printheads?

    Special to Print Planet from Xerox Did I Hear That Right? Xerox is Now Developing Inkjet Printheads? By Mr. Kerry C. Regan, Writer Q&A with head of Xerox printhead research and development Chad Slenes As Xerox announced in June, the new Xerox Baltoro HF Inkjet Press is the first...

What About Profitability?

What about Profitability?
Offset yields new advantages

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