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    Ricoh 7200 Envelope Jig Feeder Kit

    I have one on order, not gotten a ship date yet. Will be nice to be able to run #10/#9 envelopes CLOSED flap on the 7200 finally. Some details on the envelope jig: Ricoh USA, Inc. is pleased to introduce the new RICOH Envelope Jig customization for the RICOH PRO C7200X Series production...
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    PSL Jetletter and .pdf workflow

    Is anyone else using Jetletter in a .pdf workflow? I need to know how good it is for placing a .pdf in and then adding variable data, NOT building it from scratch in the software.
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    Ricoh 5300

    I just did learn about this new model in the Pro lineup for Ricoh, looks very interesting: RICOH Pro C5300s/C5310s Anyone seen one in person yet?
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    Ricoh advanced training RCOP

    After 2 years of owning the 7110's Ricoh is now coming to us with an advanced RCOP training course. Have any of you guys taken this course? Is it worth what they are asking for it?
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    Ricoh 7110 Toner Cartridge issue

    Has anyone else had the issue when you stick the new toner cartridge in it just spins and says it is still out of toner? Something breaks inside that takes the cap off the toner, this is the 4th time we have had it happen on our 2 machines over the past 2 years, it happens on random colors...
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    It is that time of the year where the humidity drops like a rock in our building, I wanted to see what other SMALL shops do for bringing the humidity back up? Thought about just going over to one of the box stores and buying a humidifier but wanted to check to see if a better solution is out...
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    Oki 931e

    Hoping to have a thread we can discuss issues with the Oki 931e since several of us have one or more on here. One issue I am having is with Temperature adjustments, after about 500 #10 envelopes printing Color or B&W I get pauses of about 15 seconds or so every 75 envelopes, the further I get...
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    11 x 25.5 paper

    I need this custom size paper for a job, xpedx won't convert it unless I buy a tractor trailer load, any thoughts on a paper vendor that will here on the East coast? In the past I have bought 26 x 14 and had a local printer cut it down as our in-house cutter is too small, but this is going to...
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    I tried searching on here and didn't find anything about a company I came across while researching Graphic Whizard products. Guangzhou Dumor Automation system Co.,Ltd The machines look just like Graphic Whizards machines, is this some Chinese company that has...
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    Cutter / Slitter / Creaser

    Anyone using a Graphic Whizard / Therm-o-type / Duplo or Horizon for finishing your postcards, especially full bleed? Currently using a non-programmable guillotine cutter and looking for a way to speed up the process, whether it is going to a programmable cutter or one of these do it all units.
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    WestRock Carolina Digital C2S Paper

    We have been using International Paper's Carolina Digital C2S for years with no issues, just got into the new WestRock branded Carolina paper and we are having jams out the wazoo. Wanted to see if others are noticing the same thing on your digital presses.
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    OKI C931e

    Just got one in, first impression, this printer is huge! This will be replacing our Xerox 7400 for printing envelopes. We are waiting to get the Straight Shooter LF Pro Plus envelope feeder in to match up to this since our old Straight Shooter LF-12 won't work on this printer, trust me we...
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    Oki C931dn vs C931e

    I can not for the life of me figure out what the differences are between the 931dn and the 931e, is it just that the e is newer? Looking to use it for a straight through envelope printer. Thanks.
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    New Install - Ricoh Pro C7110SX

    Machine was installed yesterday, today is training and getting everything setup. Will let everyone know how it goes.
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    Ricoh 7110 Power Requirements

    Did the (2) 208 power requirement present you issues? The xerox 700 that we currently have takes (1) 220.
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    Rena Mach 5 and inkjet envelopes

    I have been holding off the memjet bandwagon mainly due to smearing issues, Relyco is saying they now have an inkjet envelope that will solve this issue, has anyone tried it and have an opinion on it? Relyco Business Solutions - DURASEAL Envelopes for Inkjet Printers Also curious to see if you...
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    Printing on perforated paper

    Got a job coming up that I am thinking about running 2up on 11x17 paper, the perf will run 3" from the bottom long ways on the sheet, anyone else doing this and found a pre-perforated paper that works? Looking at using 24/28 #. This will be going on a Xerox 700.
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    Xerox 700 question

    Got a 700 with the full finisher unit, I was under the impression we could print an 11 x 17 on 70# text and have an 8.5 x 11 70# text inserted in from the top feeder on the finisher and then the 11 x 17 half folded around the letter but my tech is saying it is not possible, is he correct?
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    Xerox: 700 Upgrade to 700i

    Looking at upgrading our 700 to the 700i, our dealer is saying we have to get a whole new machine but I thought I remember someone on here getting their current machine upgraded since it is only software and a new server. How much did it cost for your upgrade? Thanks!
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    Don't see much discussion in past history from people using Eoncode , anyone have a review of them? I know I like Zoo's interface which is eoncode backend, what say ye?

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