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  1. cosmo

    BasicColor anyone

    Anyone used there software? We have an C8000 konica and they sell a package called "Color Care" which from what I can gather is a konica brand spectro using basiccolor software package. Cheers.
  2. cosmo

    Horizon FC-20 Service Manual or Wiring Diagram?

    Hi, does anybody have the service manual for the horizon FC-20 trimmer? Cheers.
  3. cosmo

    Avalon VF

    Anyone using one of these? We are looking at one, the max line screen says only 175? Can it do FM screening?
  4. cosmo

    can anyone fix this with pitstop action?

    hi, the attached file when shown in acrobat output preview is nothing like it should be, i tried all the colour convert settings in pitstop but nothing fixed it, they only way i could fix it was to use acrobat preflight, pdfx/a and let it convert the colour, the problem is when its saved from...
  5. cosmo

    purchaser or older equipment in Australia

    does anyone know of any companys in Aussie that buy old machines, we have a konica 8050 out of contract and instead of it going to the rubbish dump, it would be good to get something for it.
  6. cosmo

    XMF is not a true workflow

    XMF Workflow
  7. cosmo

    bookwork with work & turn section

    Does anyone know if there is a way to set up a template with a partial section, ie, 36 page book, 4x8 and a 1x4 page section?
  8. cosmo

    Looking for casual printer in Sydney

    Hi, we are looking for an experienced casual operator on a 5 colour 1996 SM74 press, $40ph + super, age not an issue, friendly and relaxed work environment, eye for quality is a must, PM me if you are keen, or ring on 0415 119 545.
  9. cosmo

    A few questions

    Hi, Im interested in Trueflow, a few things ive wondered are, Proofing, how does it work, does it generate a ROOM tif file that can be sent to a third party RIP, eg EFI colorproof XF? Imposition, is this built in and can it use templates or jdf impo files? Are hot folders created for...
  10. cosmo

    4.1 update changelog

    Hi, Ive started the dvd upload from 4.0 to 4.1, 2 hours to go, does anybody have the changelog file of the bug fixes, It wasnt on my dvd and i dont want to stop the install. cheers.
  11. cosmo

    AM Screening

    Hi, I was just curious to what AM screening setups people are using with prinergy, we run the creosettes 175lpi and get some bad moire on some jobs, I was going to have a play around with dotshop composer and try some different settings, but how do I then get those screens into prinergy so I...
  12. cosmo

    Harmony??? Urgent!!

    Hi, Im trying to do a reinstall of prinergy and the DVD install disk 1 is scratched, i cant get harmony to install, tried a couple of different computers and wont work, I cant find the download on kodak ecentral for it, is it on a creo site that has since disappeared? Has anyone got the...
  13. cosmo

    Polarization Filter xrite 518

    hi, Ive just put a polarization filter in our xrite 518, according to ISO 12467-2 thats what needs to be used, but it reads a much higher density now, eg, what was reading 1.45 with non polar now reads 1.7 with polarization filter, i guess now this means i have to go back and redo my density...
  14. cosmo

    ISO-12647 LAB Wet & Dry?

    Ive noticed that a wet LAB reading and a dry ink LAB reading from the same sheet will be different, mainly only the L value what is the ISO rule for this?
  15. cosmo

    Test print for ISO 12647

    hi, what would be a good test print/chart to use to check for TVI and color values to check to ISO 12647 standard, could I just use the altona test image?
  16. cosmo

    using brisque with non kodak ctp

    Hi, A company I know, has just brought a whole new kodak CTP & Workflow, they still have there older brisque workflow and I was wondering if it would work with any other brand CTP, can it just output tiffs and I can run them through our CTP tiff catcher? They tell me it will work, but i dont...

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