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    Recent quote on Iridesse?

    Anyone get a recent proposal on a Xerox Iridesse lately? Machine with std high capacity trays (not vacuum feed), 5th and 6th color station, GBC punch, in-line booklet maker and square bind - 4,800/mo for 60 month $1 buy out, .03 color click, 6% cap increase for first 5 years. We are located in...
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    Justifying Equipment Purchase... Recession... Financing Options - HELP!

    I have posted before about equipment and here I am again. We need to make a decision sooner than later on what to do with our current equipment and my mind is going in a number of different directions. We have a KM 1250 B/W with 15 million impressions on it, low click charge (around .005) but...
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    Question about volume on Ricoh 9200

    We are evaluating a few different options for production presses and have had various sales reps come in to talk to us about options. We had a big drop in sales (like most people) during the pandemic but we are steadily climbing back and will soon have an outside sales effort which we've never...
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    RICOH Pro C7210S vs. KM AccurioPress C7100

    Hi all! I own a print shop and we are looking to increase our capacity by adding another production press. We currently have 3 KM presses (1250 b/w, C1100 color, C1070 color) but we are hoping to retire the 1070 because our click rates are insanely high and add something faster, that runs...

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What about Profitability?
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