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    Suprasetter A105 Recorder error 71769

    Problemnin the Berger drive)
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    Suprasetter 74 help needed

    If you want I can do remotly but that will be chargeable
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    Suprasetter 74 help needed

    No need to remove. Only in input (Ctp user interface) change the exposing method and power. Then make unload plate option stop on conveyor or unload plate manual side
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    Need help determining max plate size on Suprasetter A52/A74

    Press spanner button on the top line(ctp user interface/gui) There is an option license . If key is there for 74 format then you will able to see. Or just try to expose a 74 format palte
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    Need help determining max plate size on Suprasetter A52/A74

    Hi A52/a74 are same machine hardware wise. You if buy a52 than it is small format(2up ) machine.. It will expose 670x525mm And later on if you wish to upgrade then you need one upgradation key to be enter in the ctp user interface then it will become 4up machine (a74) and able to expose...
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    Suprasetter A 106, Prinect Cockpit, Prinect Signa Station Tutorial

    I can give tarining on changeable base if required I m. From. Delhi
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    Heidelberg Suprasetter Parts

    Can you confirm which parts. I need pcie gipb board (data card in computers)
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    Heidelberg SM 74 parts

    We can supply. Need pix
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    Prinect Error

    Hi As per pix it seem either master data service is not started or you mater data(mds) is courrpt. Check in services for mds service If mds is corrupt then you have to load the whole software. If required we can do online
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    ERROR IN Suprasetter A52/A74

    If need support we can help. I m ex Heidelberg suprastter engineer trained in kiel Germany
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    ERROR IN Suprasetter A52/A74

    Hi We can do online if you want. You can reach me @+919818492864 For ctp software/online trouble shoot
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    Suprasetter Subscription

    you can reach me in
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    Heidelberg SM 74 CPC 1.04 1999. -- CPC 1.04 Upgrade

    You want auto ink release for cpc104?? There are 2 option 1) from Heidelberg But prm (press room manger) which comes on subscription base now. 2) 3rd party software to connect cpc104 But before buying Do you have ctp /ripping station whcih generat cip3 files for above solution?? If not...
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    License key request

    Hi friends Can someone help us to get the activation key for prinect press center./cp2000
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    Heidelberg Anicolor Engineers

    Hi If you need online support pls contact me
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    RECORDER ERROR 5010, 5525, 6315 and RECORDER INFO 6450 in a Heidelberg Suprasetter.

    Dear Go to information tab in ctp user interface /log /save log 5days Once file is save in zip format send it to me. I will analyse the file and then send the result to you. If you want we take your computer on anydesk/team viwer to check the problem. I am ex heidelberg engineer trained in...
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    Suprasetter Subscription

    We can help on this if you wanna without pay option
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    Heidelberg Prinect MetaDimension

    Hi If you need any support in prinect software pls drop a msg to me
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    Heidelberg workflow

    Hi I can help you and have all manual

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