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    Soft Proofing/Device Link Profiles questions

    I have some questions about soft proofing. While looking into RIPs I've seen a lot about the benefits of Device Link Profiles. It seemed like a smart way to profile your papers, but then it occurred to me that you wouldn't be able to do any soft-proofing in Photoshop for instance. You could...
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    (Another) RIP question, which for OSX?

    Hello- Neophyte setting up my own shop. Canon 4100 on the way. I hope to do fine art/photography printing, and also GRACoL and other proofing. I also hope to explore and learn more about color management, and will likely use an i1Photo Pro 3. The only RIP i've worked with is Printfactory. I...
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    PMS vs Spot best practices for various presses

    Sorry if the title is wide-ranging or the subject well-tread. I'm often releasing files where I'm not sure what the final printing method will be, or I know the artwork is going to a variety of processes, usually HP Indigo and/or production inkjet/UV presses. In discussions/research it seems the...
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    Seeking Vandercook proof press

    Wondering if anybody in these parts has a Vandercook they don't need any more. Especially interested in the larger models but curious about anything else available.
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    DCS2 instead of PDF/X-1a? PDF problem

    Hello- I am a print designer/production artist with a little bit of pre-press/service bureau experience. Like many, I've been releasing files as PDF/X-1a's these days, but my printer is having trouble with the latest job, a 4c booklet created in Quark. The previous job I did with them was in...

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