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    Duplo Bin

    Does anyone know what the bin that Duplo puts under the DC-618 is called? It's roughly 3ft square, corrugated plastic (yard sign type) sides with reinforced corners/edges and is perfectly straight. The size and shape of it make it very useful. I'd really like about 3-4 more for our shop but I...
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    Used Aerocut MBM G2

    We've got a used Aerocut MBM for sale. We just bought a Duplo so we're looking to sell our Aerocut. It's still being used in our operation. We have an extra cutting blade/motor for it. It has some minor cosmetic damage from where someone let one of the side guides slip under the front machine...
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    Xerox Drums Revisited

    Is anyone else still experiencing Xerox Drum Issues? We're going on Month 4 of this drum problem. Xerox claimed to have fixed the issue with our printer/drums last month but we're still only getting 20 to 30% life out of our drums. To make matters worse our shop is at a complete standstill...
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    Graphic Whizard - Vivid Coater - 370M

    We have a UV Coater that's coming off a lease (which means we can finally sell it) BUT has been sitting in a warehouse being stored since mid-2018. Located in Portland Metro Area in the United States. VividCoater XDC 370M - Graphic Whizard - Numbering, Creasing, Perforating, Scoring, Slitting...
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    Xerox EOL Schedule

    Is there a Xerox EOL schedule for production machines posted online somewhere? We're trying to predict when the V2100s / V3100s might be EOL by Xerox. Even a list of when each machine was first offered would be useful but google is failing us.
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    Envelope Feeder Kit for Versant 2100/3100

    Does anyone have one of these things: Envelope Feeder Kit? If so does it actually help? We've been running all our envelopes through our bypass tray because they tend to jam up so consistently trying to feed out of Tray 6 or 7. They've recommended this Kit for $310 and I'm struggling to...
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    Estimating the Ink Costs on a given wide format machine?

    I've been tasked with researching wide-format printers. Our shop is entirely digital and we have a click charge on everything we print with right now. I'm having trouble estimating the average cost of prints on machines that don't have a click charge. I imagine that the operating cost of the...
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    Recommendations for corner stapling machine?

    Existing Process: We currently print 8.5in x 11in jobs 2-up and cut down to the 8.5in x 11in size and then run them through our Xerox j75 machine for 3-hole punching or corner stapling. Running them through the bypass tray doesn't cost us any clicks - just the time to walk-in and put another...
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    Print Ready Files - Gave me a chuckle.

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    What is encapsulation with regards to lamination?

    I've been researching different kinds of laminating film for digital printing and I keep coming across this word and no definition for it anywhere. Could someone help me feel less stupid and define this word for me in this context? Thanks!
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    So what finishing equipment are you using for doorhangers? My boss wants to see about doing short-run doorhangers in-house. We are a small digital print shop. We don't want to buy blanks - just need to figure out how to add the hole and slit.
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    Who can repair a GBC AP2-Ultra Punch

    We bought a used GBC AP2-Ultra through wire-bids and it got damaged during transportation (rollers all melted and possible electronics damage). I don't have a source for anyone who can repair this equipment in the Pacific Northwest (Oregon/Washington area). Does anyone have a recommendation...
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    Suspect printing

    There is no suspicion greater than when the printer runs out of paper on the exact last sheet in the tray. <eyes printer suspiciously>
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    Looking for a used booklet maker

    We'd like something that can do books thicker than what we can already do inline with our Versant 2100. Wish List - We know it's a lot and a tad unrealistic but it's a wish list. :) We'v listed them in priority order - so the farther we get down the list the happier we will be. Capable of...
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    Canon C8000 with Plockmatic - What's your opinion

    We are seriously considering switching from our Versant 2100 to a Canon C8000 with the Plockmatic BLM50. We've never had anything but Xerox equipment and we're nervous about making the switch. It's hard to tell what issues are going to crop up until you really start digging into using the...

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