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    Considering a GW 8336 SCC

    We're looking into a GW 8336 SCC to increase efficiency and accuracy in our shop. Currently we use a guillotine and folder/perf/score machine. Often we have small runs of 1,000 or less and it takes more time to set up the folder to perf/score than to run the job. Also, being the end of the year...
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    Quick help needed! Ricoh7200 or KM C4080 thru Dex?

    I was just about to sign a contract with Ricoh for a 7200 and a Quadient Mach 6 ink jet for envelopes when the Dex rep walked in offering me a KM C4080 and a FP Edge Pro ink jet for the same price, same click charges. I have spent MONTHS researching before coming to my decision and just like...
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    Ink Jet Envelope Printer

    Hi! I need your expertise please if you are using an ink jet envelope printer. I am afraid to get the wrong machine, so I have lots of questions. What machine are (or have) you used that you like the best or worse? Can you tell me about anything they claim it can do, but can't, or doesn't do...
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    Double fold on a booklet

    Hope you folks can tell us where we've gone wrong. We printed and finished 1,000 - 12 page booklets, 8.5" x 11" with 2 staples on our digital press. The client wants them folded down to 5.5" x 8.5". We've done this before but now we can't get them to fold without a bunch of wrinkles in the...
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    Does the Duplo require special software when printing?

    Based on what I have read and reviews, I think purchasing a Duplo 646 in the near future would make sense for our shop. Currently, we use a guillotine to cut and GW to perf and score. As I understand, you can barcode a job when you print it so the Duplo knows what to do when the job is loaded...
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    Upgrading to Ricoh 7200 series

    I am looking to upgrade to the 7200 series. I am currently using a Pro7100s. I understand the 7210 offers a 5th color. I believe I can use spot UV to increase profits, but I don't know how much more that would cost. What's the difference between the 7200s and the 7200e other than speed and...
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    Ink jet envelope printer

    I'm looking to get either an iJet NXT, Mach 6 or Formax ColorMax8 for printing all envelopes, including window. Currently, I can print regular envelopes from A2 and remittance to 10x13 on my Ricoh 7100s but have to open the flaps of #10s and smaller. I am outsourcing all window envelopes. I am...
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    Upgrading digital and other equipment

    Last year I purchased a relatively small print shop. It's time to upgrade the equipment and that is not my fortay. Currently we have Ricohs, a Pro 7100s and a 4501. Neither is supported for NCR or window envelopes, and anything smaller than a #10 needs to be opened first (personally I find that...
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    Getting rid of OLD equipment

    Hi Folks, We have two AB Dick offset presses, an old Duplo booklet maker, and some other equipment that I need removed. I heard there are companies that will buy things like this for resale of parts or repair and resell. Can anyone tell me where I would start to find such a company? I am in SW...
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    Printing NCR and window enveloeps on digital equipment

    Hello and thank you for sharing information! We have had no luck finding offset pressmen in our area and I have had to farm out most of my NCR and window envelope jobs once my pressman became ill. Unfortunately, cancer beat him last month. Obviously a lower profit margin doing it this way. We...

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