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    Basic Imposition Software

    Looking to buy something to impose with….the small shop I am at uses “pdfsnake” plugin which though technically it works, is super clunky and limited and the version we have isn’t compatible with my Mac m1 anyway (I have a legacy PC setup just for a couple old plugins like this). The only...
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    Small Booklet Maker for Small Digital Shop

    We are getting ready to upgrade our color printer (KM 6085) and I think the best route for our booklet volume (typically small on demand runs totalling up to a few thousand a month, sometimes oddball sizes, oftentimes thickness of 15+ 80# gloss text pages plus a 100# gloss cover front cover) is...
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    Anyone ever get out of an auto-renewing maintenance agreement (after the fact)?

    Forgive me if this is not the right sub-forum, but I imagine everyone here has a maintenance agreement has some form of auto-renewal attached to it. Long story short, we have a Xerox Docutech 6180 that auto-renewed at the end of last year. We told our rep no way at the renewal rate, and he and...
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    Production BW: KM vs Ricoh vs Canon

    Apologies as we are still heavily into research phase of replacing old Xerox Docutech 6180s. Was curious what are the key factors you have looked at when selecting one manufacturer vs another? If you chose KM or Canon or there one reason you picked one over the other? We are currently...
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    Experience jumping from Xerox to Ricoh (or other)?

    For a variety of reasons, after 25+ years as a Xerox only company we are pretty fed up and heavily considering replacing 2 Xerox 6180s and 2 J75s with some configuration of production level Ricoh devices (8220 black, 7100 color?). Normally we do 600k up to 1.2million black 11x17 per month, 70k+...
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    Looking for buyer of older sheet fed offset presses, Heidelberg and Ryobi 3302

    Does anyone have any experience with a specific broker that they can recommend that buys old equipment? For practicality's sake, we are located in the midwest, USA. Or are you just throwing an item on eBay and seeing if anyone bites? While that sounds easy enough, my concern is freight as...
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    4/4 Postcards Arriving Damaged

    We recently have acquired a project because of problems with their existing printer. The main problem is that a large number of their pieces are arriving damaged. The cards go presort standard, across several states. The damage our customer showed us looks to me like friction from a roller from...
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    Depersonalization of Xerox Equipment Sales

    For the better part of 30 years we have been a Xerox only shop. While not a huge company, we do a fair amount of volume and always have had 6+ production machines with contracts on them at any time. We have been trying to get Xerox to give us a proposal to replace our 6180s with Nuveras for...
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    Ricoh Production Printers and NCR

    One of our trade customers gave us a simple 4/0 NCR job and curiously remarked that their "Ricoh would eat this NCR up" and that's why we got the job since we run Xerox. Does anyone have experience with this? I've never really had trouble running most brands of NCR on Xerox equipment but have...
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    FS: Vintage Creo, Fiery, Sun, IBM, SGI workstations

    I was cleaning out the network room a couple weeks ago and came across a lot of old workstations. Most were used in conjunction with various Xerox printers we no longer have, and with the exception of the Fiery and Creo workstations, haven't been used in 10+ years. Could get more detailed...
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    Replace BW production printers, Xerox Docutech 6180 with?

    We are more I guess of a production printer (as opposed to retail copy center), with several machines and a separate bindery department for finishing. Our BW volume is around 1 - 1.5 million mostly 11x17 impressions. Mostly 20# bond. Some tab stocks as well (we cut tabs in house so being able to...
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    Need Help Understanding Unintentionally Shrinking Images

    Hi I found one other thread similar to this but it didn't appear to get resolved so I hope I am not posting something that's already been answered...if it has, please pass the link on! When we print files to any of our machines the image shrinks *slightly*. For example...if we setup a...
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    EasyPURL Question

    We are comparing various cross media solutions at this time and one of the negatives that has come up about EasyPURL is that they can be considered a direct competitor by taking in orders from end users. Has anyone had any experience with say you bid a job and your client also gets...
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    Production Scanner Solution

    Hi we are looking for a relatively low-cost production scanner solution. We don't do a ton of camera ready work these days...less and less, but we still have enough that we do need to keep a working production scanner in house. We have been using Docutech 135s with a Docujob Converter (for...
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    Any experience running 9x12 envelopes digitally?

    Hi we recently had an order to run ~350 black envelopes and for a test we opted to run them digitally with addresses... They did not run/look great off of our Xerox 6060 but for cost/customer it was acceptable. They ended up running so poorly that we moved them to our Xerox 2060 and they were...
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    Looking for PURL/VDP Software Comparisons/Recommendations

    Hi I just discovered this forum and already have spent a good deal just digging at information that seems piled high here...great place. What I am looking for with my company is a solution to "get into" PURL and "do better" with VDP. We don't currently sell any PURL obviously but want to...

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