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    Really old software for Fiery Command Workstation

    Hi there Print Planet folk; I was wondering if anyone had an old verson of Command Workstation software to share? Thanks in advance. Peace. _mjnc
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    Linking Illustrator Text Boxes in a .pdf

    Hi PrintPlanet; I have created an Illustrator file that has text fields linked and ready to go. I save the file as a .pdf then when I open it in Acrobat to allow the text fields access, it does not see all of the text boxes. Any ideas how to get them all to show up? Thanks in advance. _mjnc
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    Linking Illustrator Text boxes in a .pdf

    Hi Print Planet; I have a form that I created in Illustrator. I placed text boxes and linked them in Illustrator. Then I opened the .pdf in Acrobat and it sees the text boxes, and I can tab from one to the next, but they’re not going in the right order. How can I change the order of the text...
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    Plate Output

    Hey PrintPlanet Folk! We are in the San Francisco Bay Area of Northern California, and the company that used to output plates for us has closed. Does anyone know of a “Service Bureau” type place around here that will output plates from an electronic file? Our largest plate size is about 29" x...
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    PC partition on a Mac

    Hi PrintPlanet folk; I work on a late 2015 iMac. My boss wants to load a PC networking application on it. He knows about Mac Terminal but wants ViaDuct too. I understand you can use BootCamp to create a PC partition and load Windows. You can also use other software and run the partition...
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    Office Suite Version Numbers

    Hey PrintPlanet folk; We’re doing some research about MicroSoft Office for Mac. There are 2 suites we have questions about; v2011 and 2016. What I need are each application’s own version number, (Outlook, Word, and Excel) hopefully up to the latest update. For example, I have Adobe Suite CS5...
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    Dual Boot on El Capitan imac?

    Hey PrintPlanet Folk; I am getting a new imac which runs El Capitan (OS 10.11). My current MacPro runs Snow Leopard (OS 10.6.8). I need to be able to “dual boot” on the new imac, so I can access the 10.6.8. There is a TON of info out there about adding El Capitan on a separate drive or...
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    Delete a link in InDesign/DataMerge

    Hi PrintPlanet folk! I have a 403 page InDesign file that was generated using DataMerge in InDesign CS5. When I open the document, InDesign says it’s missing a link. The .csv file it was created from has a link(?) in the “links” window - but the .csv has been deleted. (Once DataMerge merges...
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    HP SmartStream Designer CS5 user guide

    Hi PrintPlanet Folk; Does anyone know where I can find an HP SmartStream Designer CS5 user guide? I found one .pdf online (at, but when I try to open it Acrobat gives me an error that it is corrupt. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!! _mjnc Peace to the PrintPlanet!!
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    SmartStream Designer Imposition

    Hey PrintPlanet folk; I am using InDesign CS5 with SSD. Is there a way to set up a “Stack & Cut” Imposition? You know, where page 1 is in the first position on the first form; page 2 is the first position on the second form, etc.; so that when you stack and cut them to size, each cut position...
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    Indigo S2000 RIP

    Hi PrintPlanet Folk; My company has an Indigo S2000, from 2006. It has an HP xw4300 workstation, which runs software version 6.4.2. Usually I can write a .pdf (from Illustrator) which rips just fine. A few weeks ago we received a complicated Illustrator file from a client which created a .pdf...
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    Smart Steram Designer Interface???

    Hi PrintPlanet folk; My shop runs an Indigo 2000s. Normally I use InDesign CS5.5’s DataMerge, or QXP 7.5 XData for VDP jobs. We generate .pdfs that then rip on the Indigo. It works great. Now using SmartStream Designer for VDP to the Indigo is being discussed at my shop. We tried Yours Truly...
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    Upgrading to OS X.8.6

    Hi PrintPlanet folk; I just upgraded to system 10.6.8 on my mac and I cannot figure out how to re-setup the printers. Could someone step-by-step it for me? Thanks in advance... _mjnc Peace to the PrintPlanet!
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    Can OS X 10.6.8 run CS5? Any advice regarding either?

    Hi PrintPlanet Folk! Can OS X 10.6.8 run CS5? Any advice regarding either? We have CS5 but are looking to get Carbon Copy Cloner, which requires at least 10.6.8 (currently running 10.5.8). Any advice is regarding any of this is appreciated. Thanks!! _mjnc Peace to the PrintPlanet!
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    Which UV Lamp Tester to Buy

    Hi PrintPlanet folk; My company is getting ready to replace our ANCIENT UV lamp tester. We use it to check the intensity of UV emitted by any of the bulbs we use in our curing processes. Does anyone have any suggestions as to which products to consider? Our current device is no longer supported...
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    Illustrator Layer issues

    Hey PrintPlanet Inhabitants; I am creating an Illustrator file (CS5) and have a layer question that I hope y’all can help me with. This is complex doc so the elements are stacked using layers. When I add sub-layers, each time I reopen the doc I have to reclose all of Top Level layers again...
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    Acrobat Layer Options?

    Hey PrintPlanet! I have an Illustrator (CS5 - v15.00) doc that has many layers; this will be saved as a layered .pdf file (Acrobat 9 Pro - v9.4.5). 2 things I need to figure out... 1) how can I make it so that when the layered .pdf is opened in Acrobat that it comes up with a layer locked...
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    DVD Space

    Hey PrintPlanet - Happy Friday! Quick question... I have copied a DVD to my hard drive. I go to burn a new DVD with the same exact stuff I just copied (using the Mac OS “Burn”), and it tells me there is not enough room on the disk. I’ve tried a couple different DVDs just in case... Doesn’t make...
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    Safari searching

    Hi PrintPlanet! I am trying to figure out how to remove items from the “recent searches” section of the search pop-up which appears in Safari when you type things into the search window on the right in the menu bar. I’ve been all over the web and all over the Mac. Maybe it can’t be done? I’m...
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    Burn Folder Prefs

    Hey PrintPlanet Folk; The other day I burned a CD on the Mac using a burn folder. The mac sees it just fine, plays the music and everything. But my car CD Player says there’s no music on the CD when I try to play it there. Does anyone know how to set the Burn Folder prefs to write an audio CD...

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