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  1. Jbrujster (Mailing Guy)

    Paper Shortage

    The Big Printers are hoarding paper. I am a small direct mail shop and can not get paper. I talked to someone ( a driver) that delivers for a large printer here in SW florida - he said they have a full time person that does nothing but sit in front of a computer and order paper. He was told to...
  2. Jbrujster (Mailing Guy)

    Handwritten Font for Variable Data

    Does anyone have a source for handwritten fonts for variable data?
  3. Jbrujster (Mailing Guy)

    Envelope Printing

    yes, i have a Mach 6 and have owned 2 Mach 5 printers.
  4. Jbrujster (Mailing Guy)

    Envelope Printing

    I love my Mach 6 inkjet. Printed 10k color envelopes in about 2 hours.
  5. Jbrujster (Mailing Guy)

    Ink jet envelope printer

    Only other comment is the ink is very expensive. The manufacturer will tell you the cost per piece is low. However, I haven't seen that with my Mach 6.
  6. Jbrujster (Mailing Guy)

    Mail Still Matters

    I have a Mach 6- and its great. I don't think its as ink efficient as it could be. The ink is expensive. $1200 for a full kit. Have you guys thought about making the ink more reasonable in price? You would sell more units. I would even buy a 2nd unit if the ink was about 45% less expensive...
  7. Jbrujster (Mailing Guy)

    anyone have a KM Accurio C6085?

    Hi I have a KM 6085 w/ Fiery 313. Very happy with machine. A few minor issues but it was more about my vendor not understanding my machine.
  8. Jbrujster (Mailing Guy)

    Ink jet envelope printer

    Overall Mach 6 is a great printer.
  9. Jbrujster (Mailing Guy)

    Ink jet envelope printer

    I have Mach 6. Great machine! You. Can message me for specific questions.
  10. Jbrujster (Mailing Guy)

    E.F.I. Fiery

    Have you used variable images with it? I mean lots of variable images... for example when I run 5,000 pages there may be 10,000 variable images...
  11. Jbrujster (Mailing Guy)

    E.F.I. Fiery

    oh thanks i will look at that imposer.
  12. Jbrujster (Mailing Guy)

    E.F.I. Fiery

    Has Fiery been bought out by ADOBE? I bought my Fiery 2 years ago new. Big mistake. Poor support. Excuses. I am trying to make a living and they are updating bi-weekly which causes conflicts with my printer. I spent almost $100,000 (cash purchase C6085) with Konica Minolta - they suggested...
  13. Jbrujster (Mailing Guy)

    Problem with Fiery "impose" not saving variable images

    Hi, thanks for asking. Yes, windows 10 updated and my Adobe Acrobat XI stopped working so I updated to Adobe DC however all that started before the Adobe update but after the Windows 10 update. I prefer to use my fiery Impose - it has some features Fusion Pro Impose doesnt have... right now I...
  14. Jbrujster (Mailing Guy)

    Problem with Fiery "impose" not saving variable images

    Hope someone has an idea! I have been creating variable pdfs with Fusion Pro. I then use "Fiery Impose" to impose. This has been working fine until recently. I sent the pdf to Fiery, then "impose" and it works fine until I save the "imposed" document. When saving it looses he variable...
  15. Jbrujster (Mailing Guy)

    Frustrated with Fiery Impose (need an expert)

    Frustrated with Fiery Impose (need an expert)
  16. Jbrujster (Mailing Guy)

    Envelope Printing

    no i dont print them in Landscape - I have tried but a #10 doesn't want to go landscape.
  17. Jbrujster (Mailing Guy)

    Envelope Printing

    No I really don’t. If you want to do variable or custom logos it’s hard to beat. The ink is expensive about $1100 for the set. Not sure about per piece cost.
  18. Jbrujster (Mailing Guy)


    I agree. Windows 10 update just created issues with Feiry and Fusion Pro. Problem is that updates are like medication (they have adverse side effects) sometimes the cure is worse than the disease.

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