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  1. EZPower

    Unhappy Returns

    We are seeing more and more online designers that never heard of CMYK and why it's different from RGB. Bleed? Why? What is that? Margins? Why?
  2. EZPower

    Is the ricoh pro c9200 a good machine ?

    A lot of tinkering with paper profiles and tray blower options to get it just right. Not sure on 7210, be patient, lots of trial and error before we got it to work consistently.
  3. EZPower

    Unhappy Returns

    Our customers simply ask us to match their home inkjet printer. o_O
  4. EZPower

    Is the ricoh pro c9200 a good machine ?

    We have 2. Even got it to print No9 Remit Envelopes Double Sided. :)
  5. EZPower

    Mail Merge job - NO Sequence Numbers allowed.

    Yes please. Would like to do some testing.
  6. EZPower

    Mail Merge job - NO Sequence Numbers allowed.

    What is the name of the font?
  7. EZPower

    Canva Files

    Biggest problem we found was not being able to convert fonts to outline in PitStop
  8. EZPower

    Canva Files

    Any one running into Canva files? We are seeing more and more customers ditching designers and creating content in Canva. We are experiencing fonts shifting, not to mention bleed and margin issues.
  9. EZPower

    Playing cards production process

    OK. Now how do I mark them for cheating? :)
  10. EZPower

    Go Fold It - Software for creating Interactive 3D Brochure Demos

    Looks cool. I'll have to play around with it.
  11. EZPower

    Enfocus Pitstop Color change

    Changes a specific color. use grab color. save and run
  12. EZPower

    A little overview of what's coming in PitStop 2021

    Very nice. Looking forward to the release. But wouldn't it be easier for us by sending you the PDF and letting you know what we want? Just send us the Fixed PDF back to us. :)
  13. EZPower

    Can't reverse page order in an action?

    Hundreds of files makes a huge difference. Your way is better in that case.
  14. EZPower

    Can't reverse page order in an action?

    InDesign. Create 17x11 document with blees. Place PDF files in position. Save PDF. 3 Steps. Next Job. Select Link, Replace. Re Save with new Job Name. Save PDF.
  15. EZPower

    What is your standard of registration tolerance between C-M-Y-K?

    After battling equipment and press operators for years, we eliminated Registration problems by printing everything one color. :)
  16. EZPower

    Xerox Versant 180 vs Ricoh C7200

    I would seriously look into Ricoh 9200 series. We expanded our print options by getting two of them. 9110 first then adding 9210.
  17. EZPower

    Offset to Large Format prepress transitioning

    Our addition of wide format and transition has been interesting. Customer: Ned sign for the window. Me: Need exact size. Customer: Why? Very few customers who came from offset, who understand the industry and file formats for the project.
  18. EZPower

    Startup looking for advice from the pro's - cutting laminating

    Based on what your needs are, SoggyWinter has the best idea. Less equipment, aded value. Best Laser Cutter and Engraving Machine Under $500 2. Mophorn Laser Engraving Machine 40w Best Laser Cutter and Engraving Machines Under $400 1. VEVOR 40W CO2 Laser Engraving Machine
  19. EZPower

    Ricoh 9100

    Window envelopes need to be laser safe. It runs digital envelopes and even the ones we open the flap. For short runs 500 to even 3000 to problems.

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