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  1. EZPower

    Canva Files

    Any one running into Canva files? We are seeing more and more customers ditching designers and creating content in Canva. We are experiencing fonts shifting, not to mention bleed and margin issues.
  2. EZPower

    Rampage VS 13 For Sale

    We just switched to XMF. Rampaged is in good condition. No problems. We have the cable for fuji platesetter and Dongle.
  3. EZPower

    PitStop Pro 2019 extend Bleeds

    Had this on my previous versions of PitStop. After upgrading I was not able to import to the new version 2019. Does any one know what the setting are on the new version fro extending page size and creating bleed? The one I had made the page bigger then extended bleeds on all items. I played...
  4. EZPower

    Need Advice on new Cutter

    64” Plotter - Summa D or T series maybe Roland GX-640 or GD-640 We are currently running Roland GX500 Pro. We need something bigger now. Looking for advice between Summa and Roland. Would prefer to use Ethernet vs USB, and prefer something that has a more powerful rollers to use on long rolls...
  5. EZPower

    Cut Studio Extension for Ill CC 2015

    Any one had any luck installing the extension in Illustrator CC 2015. I have one version running on a PC CC 2014. Tried installing on a mac and it does not show up. Contacted Roland. they tried installing it themselves with no luck. Said they would get back to me. Haven't heard any thing. Not an...
  6. EZPower

    Fiery PDF PMS colored Tiff images from InDesign Imposed

    We noticed that when we have a PDF containing Tiff images colorized in InDesign as PMS colors, and were imposed the PDF in Firey Command Work Station multiple up, those images do not print. It does not matter if we save from Imposition as a PDF or dbp imposition. Every thing else prints, but the...
  7. EZPower

    Digital Printing for Archival.

    Well, you work in this industry long enough, and you are bound to run into Interesting questions that clients want to know. We are currently running Xerox J75. Client wants to know how long will the print quality last on their brochure compared to offset printing. They are talking 20+ years...
  8. EZPower

    Xerox J75 and Fiery Engine

    We just got the new Xerox J75 with Fiery Engine. We originally had Xerox 700 with Free Flow. For the most part, we are able to figure out most of our layouts and printing. (Our MOTG Xerox rep is not returning my phone calls.?????? Never had a problem with Xerox support on our 700). Any way. On...
  9. EZPower

    Minor Typesetting in Pistop 10

    I've had a few projects where customer provides us with PDF Files. Customer wants us to change some type in the credits page. For instance: Change Third Printing to Fourth Printing. The problem is when I start typing, some letters will not register, like a "u" or a "t", as an example. Most of...
  10. EZPower

    Axis Control Color Bars

    We're installing a used Heidelberg SM102 press from Germany. Looking for Axis Control color bars, both Spectral and Density Bars that we can place in Preps.
  11. EZPower

    HP Scitex FB950 rip question

    Currently we are running our HP FB950 with an Onix Production House Rip 10. We no longer have access to that rip and the computer that had the rip on it, including the dongle. We do have the Proprietary Video Language network card that connected the computer to the HP. We are in a process of...
  12. EZPower

    Advice on new wide formate printer.

    We are currently experiencing an expansion, 40in 6 color, new Rampage rip, Screen plate setter. Key employees came from 40in shops. So most of us are familiar with the work flows and management of a profitable 40in shop. Currently, we were running an Epson 9600 that died, and a Mamaki that is is...
  13. EZPower

    Preps Preferences

    Just instaled Preps 5.3.2. Under preferences in PDF Conversion it's set for Preps Internal converter. Adobe Acrobat is an option. Do I want to use Acrobat or default Preps Internal Converter. We do not use JDF work flow. We still use FPO files we place into preps. We do not place PDF files into...

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