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    B/W Digital Copiers - km951/1051 vs Ricoh Pro 1107EX

    I am a tech and service a few Ricoh 1357EX boxes. I have some averaging 500K a month with barely any down time at all. If you have a good tech you will have great luck with them.
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    Ricoh C720s Vs Ricoh C751EX vs Xerox 770

    I would get two 751EX boxes. Output is awesome!
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    Ricoh C751 Demo

    How did you like it? How was the halftone quality on it?
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    Ricoh C751, C901 & Xerox 770

    The book says the C751 will duplex 256. Did you actually try it out?
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    Which printer

    The Ricoh has amazing registration and great quality. 30k a month is nothing for that thing.
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    Ricoh c901s

    I would take a good look at the Ricoh c651 and c751.They are a very solid machine.
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    Ikon, Here we go again.

    If I were you I would talk to someone above the service manager if that was his answer. I find it unacceptable that a problem can't be resolved.
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    Ricoh c901s

    A full colour powerhouse for production printing with high-end enhancements. New powerful features include: • The market’s fastest press in its class, printing at rated speeds of 90 A4 pages per minute on media up to 300 gsm in duplex mode; • New chemical (oil-free)...
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    Ricoh C700 & C720

    They are identical to the C900 but slowed down mechanically.
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    Canon vs Ricoh

    I am actually a Tech who has had Ricoh and Canon machines. I fell the MPC6000 7500 series are great boxes when you run them. I have quite a few in print shops that are doing great. You can probably get a great price now that the MPC6501 and 7501 are released.
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    Canon 6000/7000 Blues - A Local Problem or National Problem?

    Speaking from the service end. I myself find this to be unacceptable. I myself would be searching for a better service provider. Ikon/Ricoh is the best and is only getting better.
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    Black and white production equipment

    So 25m on two machines would be fine. All for a much cheaper price.
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    Black and white production equipment

    I would consider two or three Ricoh Pro 1357's connected together. Output could be 270PPM or 405PPM and always having a backup machine if one goes down. I think it would still be cheaper then the Canon or Kodak. These new boxes can handle volume well.
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    Looking for new printer need advice pls

    Look into the new Ricoh Pro C720. It is available 2/1/10 and is a slowed down C900 at a much better price. It will easily handle your load. As for the current machine I would get another tech involved. It should not be having those issues.
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    Ricoh C700 to be released

    release info release info Ricoh Launches Pro C720/C720s Color Production System New Light Production Digital System Offers Affordable Alternative for Color Printing, Scanning, Copying and Document Storage WEST CALDWELL, N.J., Jan. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Ricoh Americas Corporation, a leading...
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    Konica C5501 vs C6501?

    I am guessing ten copies a minute difference. Thatshould be it.
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    Choosing an entry-level digital printer machine

    Wow sorry about your luck. I haven't heard anything bad about them yet. I can't believe you didn't get an answer. What state are you in?
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    Choosing an entry-level digital printer machine

    If you haven't looked already I would try Ricoh. The Ricoh Pro550EX would be ideal. Check it out on Home | Ricoh Global
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    Canon 7095 or 7105, anyone got one?

    The brand new replacement for the MP9000 is coming out now. The MP9001 has a couple really nice added features. A brochure is on if you want to see the specs.
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    Help with digital equipment decision

    I would give a look at the Ricoh Pro C550 and 700EX. The are a pretty nice machine.

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