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    [Prepress Workflow] Switch + Pitstop Server + Insoft IMP

    We are a small commercial printer specializing in gang run offset and wide format. Looking for someone well-versed in Switch, Pitstop Server, and Insoft IMP (particularly Imp Flow) and willing to help us setup and integrate - for a fee, of course. Located in Los Angeles, CA. Local is highly...
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    Tharstern Users?

    Anyone using the current version of Tharstern? Would love to hear some feedback from users on current version of the software. Even better if they are integrated with Insoft Imp.
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    HP Scitex 500/550/700 Cyan Overspray?

    Photos attached. Originally we thought the issue was static or head/nozzle related. We are having this same problem on all 3 of our hybrid HP UV presses (500/550/700). The only consistent variable would be the ink we are using. Would appreciate any advice on how to fix or narrow down the...
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    Thinking about digital...where to start?

    We are a trade printer in Southern California looking to get our feet wet in digital printing. For now, we do have immediate needs for envelope printing (#10, #9, A2, A7, all the way up to 10x13 catalogs...with and without windows. Approximately 30,000 envelopes a month.). Ideally, I would love...
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    Moll Regal Training?

    Does anyone know who we can contact for training on an older model Moll Regal in the Los Angeles area? Looking to start ASAP and willing to pay, of course.
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    Used Equipment - Moll Marathon vs Kluge Unifold?

    We are looking into purchasing our first folder gluer and are deciding between a 1999 Moll Marathon and 2000 Kluge Unifold. We will mainly be running standard 9pt ~ 16pt pocket folders. Hoping someone might have some insight as to why one might be a better choice than the other. Some thoughts...
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    Inline Cutter for Mimaki UJV55-32?

    I was wondering if anyone out there knows if there is an inline cutting solution for the Mimaki UJV55-320. I remember seeing what looks like a plug in spot for a trimming mechanism (scissor pictogram) but can't seem to find anything online.
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    Online Document Editor/Designer?

    Does anyone know of a software capable of this? Not sure where the attached screenshot is from, a customer of mine reached out asking if we would be able to implement something like this. When uploading an order on a web2print system, customers have the ability to do simple edits to fit artwork...
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    Anybody using tFLOW or Callas PDF Toolbox

    Anyone using or have experience with tFLOW? We recently purchased the software and will be setting up for our gang run offset + wide format shop. Would love some advice from any experienced users. Pros? Cons? Anything in particular to consider or watch out for? Behind the tFLOW front end is...
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    Roll Label Press Advice?

    Hi all, Our company currently prints on flat crack n peel sheets for labels and are looking to shift to roll to roll. This is our first look in to a digital roll press and would love to see what recommendations experienced users on this forum may have. - Target market is short to medium run...
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    Experience with PrintIQ?

    Anybody have any experience with PrintIQ? The MIS looks great but would love to see if anyone has any real first-hand experience setting up and integrating at their shop.

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